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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #2 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #2 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Hello everybody, welcome on this second videos about my gameplay with the Razorbak team This is the direct following of the first video If you didn’t see the first video, you can see it by clicking on the top right corner button or you can find the link at the end of the video Remember, we came from G point and we already took the S and P points I didn’t show you the attack of the F point because I was not on this point This point was on the top of the hill And the time I arrived at the top, the flag was taken So now I’m going back to flank the A point And I will distract them with success Of course they keep some guys guarding their back Wow it was close, the bbs hits the wood in front of me! This one was laughing because all my bbs were stopped by the vegetation My hop-up was not correctly adjusted, it doesn’t help Hehe but finally one goes through Tactic reload “Oh nice!” “Really good shoot!” “Blue team, we should flank them” “I was on their back alone, I got one, it’s could be possible to do something” “We should try, they are not alone” “I saw only one defender” “I got the second” “And I think he’s dead” Maybe you notice it, but I often congratulate my opponents For me it’s really important in airsoft to congratulate good actions of my opponents As you should probably like to be congratulate when you do good actions too It’s a part of the airsoft spirit and a big part of the pleasure I get when I play I think it’s fair-play and it’s a good way to avoid some highlanders “One down” “One on the left window” “But I’m not sure you can get it” “Maybe I can” Once again, too high thank to the hop-up It’s really annoying with this AUG RIS front guard that the hop-up is so hard to setup “Do you want a cover?” “Be careful, I will shoot just above your head” Very big lucky shoot, the guy came out just in front of my bbs My main mistake is to be too defensive I should try to change that for my next game While I was going to the spawn, my colleagues took the base And just after this base, we rush the last base, the point D, with our objective Once again, as it’s a high point, I wasn’t effective at all, I have a so bad cardio 🙁 You can see the main base, it’s when we regroup before the final attack And that is our objective We have to defend these missiles and on the box, the device to desactivate the bomb I have one more video for you about this day, you can find a teaser now And like always, if you like this video, you can like, comment and share it! See you soon!


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