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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #1 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #1 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep Today, I’m on the Razorbak field for a new gameplay video They are lot of players, the field is wonderful, I will show you that And today I played with… my GHK Steyr AUG With the A3 kit And of course with my PX4, classic! I hope everything will be alright, I will be able to make good videos The scenario is very simple All bases are occupied by enemies And we have to find codes on enemies to disarm a bomb which will explode in 2 hours on the D point We are free to attack all bases So we choose to attack the point S, then P Next to F, the biggest point A and to finish D It’s a nice walk We have to find code on enemies but for this we have to touch them And it’s really hard because they have two life by point, and when they are out of life, they run to the next point and defend it So more we shoot them, more they will be at the next point Ok let’s go, the S point is here We have to cross this pinewood to flank them through the forest For this video, it’s not a frag movie I want to show you how we make to attack points and how I played It’s not a speed video, take you time, and I hope you will enjoy it 😉 “Warning on the top left window” “Move you are on their shooting line” “Go forward” “Guys go on the point we have it” My colleagues have secured around the point We have to speed to clean inside the point Of course, as I’m close to the point, I use my pistol The ground floor seems ok “We are inside the point come on!” “One first floor” “If someone has a grenade it’s cool” “Here I need a grenade” I never gone upstair so I’m a little blind He succeeded to hit my knee! So, we took the point S, now let’s go to the P point This point is well protected and hard to take But there are enough vegetation to let us approach closely And we hope that the opponent defense will not be too good “Wait for the rest of the team” “Just wait a little to wait the team” “Lot of vegetation between them and us” “It’s a RPK” “Fuck nice” Too optimist, fortunately, I have a medic near me “Be careful, this axis is not safe” So I will move forward with more precaution “No, not happy not happy! :p” At this moment, we circled them, but they are still everywhere around the point The defenders are enough occupied to let me move a little Despite that, it’s still hard to move fast Just in front of me near the barricade It’s a big piece of luck to hit him like that 🙂 “First barricade, I take one of them down” “He moves, I already hit him once, he is with his pistol only now” “Oh fuck nice shoot” Fortunately, medics made a very great job, we never wait too long to be heal “Caution one in front” “Where is the medic?” “Do you go to him?” “Are they on the right side??” “Yes 12 o’clock ok” “We are all in contact” “I have the window in sight you can go” “You can move forward, I have the window in my sight” Too bad for him, he let his hand on the window 🙂 “I hit one of them, go to him and check if he has the code” “At your left, at your left, take his code” In reality, I shoot inside the window, but I can’t know if there is someone or not Nothing move inside, it’s too far and too dark I shoot inside just in case But I forget to check the window, I was too concentrate on my colleagues And something bad will happen of course “We spent 30 minutes guys” Do you see something moving inside the window? me not “Well done” “I have been killed by one guy inside the top window” “I think he has been killed” “Are you dead?” “Because you will be” I hate this kind of situation I’m always afraid to hurt him “On the corner” “I will not make blind shoot, I will hurt him” “Guys, we are 5 around you, you should surrender” “Are you killed?” Once again, lot of luck “It seems it’s clean inside” “Caution, go here” Yes I have grenades, but I didn’t armed them We probably cleaned the point but I’m not sure I don’t want to take risks “I think the point is cleaned, or it must be only one remaining” “Guys, someone with me please?” “Someone with me please?” “It’s ok” I stop now for this first video, the next one will come soon I hope you liked it, as always don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe See you soon


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