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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – #1 Dominicale chez les SOLA – GHK G5 SRU et WE PX4

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – #1 Dominicale chez les SOLA – GHK G5 SRU et WE PX4

Me: Let’s go Me: There is one objective here and another here Me: Like a triangle Hello everybody, new gameplay video at the SOLA battlefield For this video, I use my GHK G5 with an SRU kit, but I have a little problem with my bolt stop It activates too often Our objective is to attack one of the enemies bases to avoid them to pressure us I played with two colleagues, Polak and Elsa, a good little team đŸ™‚ We already capture one objective! Good start! Me: Don’t follow them too much Elsa: We have to protect the objective no? Me: I think we should go this way to intercept them Me: Micka do you follow? You have to know we absolutely don’t know this battlefield Me: One or two remaining Me: One here Me: Someone can move behind me? Me: He moves Me: No in G5, it should be the truck Me: Esla we move! Esla: Ok but if nobody cover me it’s a little bit complicated :p I had a perfect view on them, thank you fucking bolt stop! Me: On the right, 3 or more Me: We should make 2 groups We continue through the forest in a very dense area Me: 2 less, 2 remaining Me: 2 less, 2 remaining in the middle and right side Definitely not lucky with the bolt lock Me: Where is Elsa? She is out? Elsa was blocked by a guy, we decided to flank him Me: In my team? Him: Honestly, no lol Me: Do you want me to shoot you or you are out? Him: I’m out, I appreciate ^^ Me: We never know, sometimes some people are crazy :p Him: I saw you despite the fog, but can’t shoot you Me: Thank you (for your fair-play) Me: Elsa it’s clean Me: I’m with Michael Me: I think we kill them all Michael: I saw at least one more guy Me: Ok I don’t know Me: We must be on guard so Me: Wait, we wait Elsa Me: But we should go back to the right Elsa: Who was shooting me so? Me: it was an opponent Elsa: Do you kill him? Me: Yes Elsa: Ok We continue to the right like I said A rightful giving-back, he played well Him: In my nuts! Me: Well played! Me: Nice action Me: I think I touched you before but it’s not important Him: In the mask Me: You have no pistol? Him: No Me: It’s not too powerfull anyway Me: I hardly feel it I have to admit that even today, I don’t know if I had hit them or not Me: One more on the right side Me: Elsa we are here! Me: In front of us, on the hole here Me: I see him! Me: I think they were only 2 no? Me: I have searched until the end of the path, don’t seen them Me: I lost one G5 mag Me: It should be here, I will search it after the game Elsa: They attacks our base Me: Ok let’s go let’s go Me: Hostile right there! Watch he moves Me: Red team, here too Me: Poooo good game Me: Fortunately.

.. Me: Hey I don’t know your power but fortunately it was on the knee… 5-6m with a sniper, totally not acceptable! Me: No dude don’t shoot at this distance with a bolt it’s crazy He tries again without problem.

.. Me: It’s really close, even me you hit me with your bolt, it’s hard Me: I don’t know what is the power of your gun but you can hurt Me: Fuck I’m disgusted that I lost a mag! Me: Oh it was beautifull! Me: Friendly? Me: Hey friend friend! Me: What’s your color? The game is near ended Now let’s search my lost mag Will you see it before me? Elsa: Black I guess? Me: Yes Me: They are brand new, they should be visible Me: Here ! I always find my lost mags, ALWAYS :p Thank you to watch the video until the end, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!


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