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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay ENG – Ambush and bomb with Warcrap – scope cam – GHK G5 GBBR

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay ENG – Ambush and bomb with Warcrap – scope cam – GHK G5 GBBR

Hmmm I like start a video after a little pee Oh you’re here, sorry This video takes place during a game organized by the team Warcrap on the TAS84 battlefield It was a kind of milsim game, semi-realistic, and we had to find an opponent pilot and some mysterious packages And during many hours, we didn’t see anything, the battlefield is really big The map displayed is just an extract of the full zone So we’re on the middle of the afternoon, we’re tired and we want some actions!! The HQ warned us that we should see an enemy patrol, but we’re here since 10 minutes without any contact So, we decide to move without visual contact Between two trees, I see an enemy with a desert camo, it’s our chance! “Guys!!!” “Thomas” “I see someone on the forest, this direction, let’s go!” We are just 4, we don’t know the kind of opposition we will encounter, be we move fast! From this point, we split in two groups, 2 up and 2 down “Ready? Shoot!” “This is Bravo, this is Bravo, contact with a big group” “We’re on the north, on the forest.

4 to 5 enemies or more, one downed confirmed” “Don’t run after him!!” “‘Jerem where are you?” “Thomas where are you hit?” “Jerem can you heal him?”‘ “Ok” “Bravo to HQ, Bravo to HQ” “One of them has a big bag or maybe a bomb, he runs in your direction” The opposing team has the mission to bring the bomb in our base, we have to find and eliminate them “30m in front of you, 2 guys” “2 downed, one remaining!” Just in case, my G5 is at 300fps, so I don’t hurt him “All regroup on the bomb position” “Cyril you stay on this position you cover us” “What?” “Stay here” “What?” “STAY HERE! :D” “Yes it’s certainly a fucking bomb” “It should be a big fucking bomb” “They was on the way to bomb the base” Enemy: “I will ask the confirmation, but you can’t touch it anyway” (we asked if we can take it) “Jerem, go and camp in this spot” “Cyril, you stay on your position” “I move forward” “We stay 5 mins and we leave” At this moment, I knew we had an essentiel object for the other team, so they will come to take it So I put my two remaining mate in defense position and I moved foreward to warned them when they came to take the bomb But at this moment, the HQ starts to talk to me all the time, it was really to the good moment And stupidly, I will forget my objective and focus on the radio And of course, it can’t be a happy end “We have neutralized a big opponent group, the pilot and a guys who carry a bomb” “The pilot returned to his base, and it seems we can’t take the bomb” “The pilot returned to his base when he has been killed, he didn’t wait us” “Roger that” “Ahhhhh here is Bravo ahhh.

…” Yeah actor studio, now the HQ stops to talk me The guys who shoot me move to my position and is going to take the bomb, he will have a little surprise He has been attacked by Cyril, but it seems they have problems No more gas for my opponent, and Cyril has a problem with his FN2000 So the battle isn’t easy, but fortunately, Cyril isn’t alone My mate does his job, he defends the bomb As I’m killed without possibility to be heal, I return to base and on the way, try to help Cyril with his FN2000 Unfortunately, without success For the last images, I want to show you the north entrance of the fort The TAS84 battlefield is amazing, this fort is amazing It was a very good day, even if we don’t shoot a lot Thank for Warcrap for the game and for all players for their fairplay I hope you enjoy to see this video as much I took to do it If yes, like, comment and share it See you soon, ciao!!


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