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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay ENG – #3 Capture the flag at PSL CQB – GHK G5 GBBR & Kimera JR2

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay ENG – #3 Capture the flag at PSL CQB – GHK G5 GBBR & Kimera JR2

Ok guys, let’s go for the third and last part of this game day with ASAT at the PSL CQB A CTF again, enjoy the show Vas: The flag should be for us Let me explain you the context, in front of us, a big room with lot of villains, just in the right side of this room, the flag which should be at us We have to go to see if they’re still near the flag and secure it Opponents: Two, they’re two! Haha nice throw no? One kill with grenade! One! Vas: Be careful, they’re.

.. Vas: That’s what I said, they’re a lot Without support and at a so bad place, I have to move back Vas: Didn’t work! Ok ok it didn’t work again, it was not my day with my grenades Vas: Two on the right side, be careful, two on the right Vas: They’re offensive Vas: Reinforcement? It’s hot I tell you Vas: They’re near the flag Vas: It was close! Vas: Be careful, they can shoot us by the hole on the wall Vas: The flag is still at us Vas: The other flag is us? Vas: Don’t know? OK! Vas: One less Vas: One more, the guys who run away Vas: It’s not Swiffer, but he’s inside it’s sure Vas: Next to a pillar Vas: Heal him It’s a particularly hard shoot, between two pillars in the dark, it was really hard especially with a GBB Vas: I got him, but one more remaining I guess Vas: I think I killed .

.. your friend with the boonie hat, the last one should be the guys in black Vas: As I can be heal, I go first like this if I’m touched you can heal me Vas: The guy I have killed is still here, if he doesn’t move it’s because he is waiting the medic I hate this place, bbs can come from everywhere, no visibility, you can see it but the room is really really dark Vas: On the left, it’s a friend Vas: No no it’s a friend be careful Vas: Behind him? Ok ok Vas: He should be the one missing, here caution! Vas: Silck here Vas: Fuck it was sure! On this action the video is now finished, see you soon, ciao!


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