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SCDTV REVIEW DIVISION – Tactical workshop Replica AN/PRC-148 MBITR Radio airsoft


*cought cough cough* *slap* Welcome to another review by SCDTV Review Division Today we’ll talk about radios namely, a replica of AN/PRC 148 until now, if we wanted to buy one we could choose between dummy ones or a Red Dragon version for 1000PLN, which still wasn’t perfect now the gap is being filled by a product from Toy Soldier’s Tactical Workshop AN/PRC 148 replica for this review we got the basic set which includes radio manual Replica H-250/U Handset an antenna and an antenna cable powered by five AA batteries not included so you have to buy them As it’s a fully functional radio we’ll do a range field test now, we’re here I’m going to have a walk in the forest togather with our radio we’ll check how it’s going to work on the other side my friends will use this popular 5W pmr Puxing radio we’ll see how far will I go in that case – Let’s go! checking the radio – Do you read me? I hear you perfectly, but some rastle begin to appear I hear you perfectly, too.However there is a little rastle. Now, I hardly hear you. how about now? a little better Do you hear me know? Do you understand what I say? I hear you very very badly and now? a bit better but I still have some rastle I understand. So this is the issue of distance between mouth and microphone it sure is roger that we’re in this place we managed to establish contact with our base it’s a distance of 7×45 metres, so figure it out yourselves I won’t do that 🙂 (Wiktor) more than 300 metres more than 300 metres in a thick forest and we know from the other side that some rastle appears let’s look at the radio As you can see.From a distance it resambles AN/PRC 148 – popular MBITR from here or in a pouch it really bears resemblance to that radio however as we get closer and we see the details and the differences come out completely different button designation different LCD different digits’ font here we have a volume knob which also turns the radio on and off this knob is a dummy here we have handset or ptt input ptt module is provided by the producer ( and sold seperately) so we can use e.g. a Sordin or other headset’s Chinese copies we receive an antenna and an antenna cable I’ll show you an antenna input it’s something like that we can use the cable to install our antenna on our gear thus it won’t protrude from our favourite mbitr pouch Base, do you read me? I didn’t hear you at all.Can you hear me now? I know it’s you but I still can’t hear
anything. what about now? a little better and now? Jabu, Jabu I still can’t hear you. Just rastle, sorry. Roger that, thanks. we’re here we’ve moved another 300m which gives us a total distance of 600-700 metres in a thick forest at this point our radio stops transmitting properly however it still picks up a signal from our Puxing at the base as we mentioned before, it’s a fully functional replica this is a European version, so it uses pmr frequencies (446Mhz) the producer offers American, Chinese and Russian version you have to check the frequencies yourselves as they differ basic functions of the radio are 8 channels with 38 CTCSS Interference clearance code setting automatic channels scanning channel monitor function “CALL” function, fortunately we can’t hear it also called “get on my nerves” function we can lock the keys more or less, that’s everything well, there is the “VOX” function which has three progression levels but we failed to activate despite reading the manual and that’s everything about the functionality of this radio which is that of our normal PMR radio ok, Do you hear me? What we’ve just heard was transmitted from the base We are here.Around 1km through the forest and land dropping our radio is still able to pick up signals, however… no they don’t Let’s sum up our radio. What for do we need it? if you are a Sunday airsoft player airsoft is important, not reenactment or real unit’s load-out this is not the choice as you can buy a Puxing, Navvcom or Kenwood anything powerful and useful If you’re only a reenactor you don’t even think of airsofting you buy a dummy to fill your pouch but if you are between these two so you care about the authenticity of your loadout and you like airsofting and you can’t afford to buy an original or 1000pln worth copies this is a choice this is a normal PMR radio in our case and you can buy other frequencies if you want for the price of a dummy radio case and a functional radio you can get this it’s not a bad solution no, it’s not we suggest changing the handset yeah, a first thing to do as it looks so-so it’s loud and the sound is unpleasant and we broke it 😀 you could change the antenna, too as the sound that is transmitted is not of best quality we hear everything quite well, they don’t in any case, it’s a really nice replica effective range in a thick forest is around 400 metres above 400 it’s difficult to understand anyone in a thick forest it’s typical
to any kind of PMR radio As I said.A new headset and antenna put a better one and you’ll be satisfied, sir well, finally we’ve got something that fits mbitr pouch we don’t have to put any powerade, coca-cola or water if someone has an inability… is a DIY if you could make the radio heavier as it’s very light even though we install 5 AA batteries it’s still too light if you can make it heavier it would be great not bad the radio was provided by the producer Tactical Workshop Toy Soldier or Toy Soldier Tactical Workshop Thank you very much! .


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