Wow welcome to another scdtv review division production for gunfire and today we’re gonna talk about some Russian rifles strike from lct previously we got our heads hands on this beauty this is a lct as-val now guys from Taiwan came up with another right by variation of this design which is sr3 and this is a technically the same design as in AG and Real Steel world as this one however with some minor modification in from the patent here we have a full steel construction of this SR 3 M full steel body octave the size full steel after receiver cover and a full steel skeleton bathtub fold folding does it hold yep yeah even better then in this one all right unfolded okay and here are the differences from the previous Val default we have a plastic it’s not a handgun because it’s empty here plastic front and the vertical foregrip right for better holding performance and a short barrel with a steel thread you know the lct prepared however it’s not out yet a SOT 3m silencer which you can mount directly answering right ok now in real life this is a short compact post quarter weapon same as for the airsoft world is very compact design comfortable comfortable yeah I don’t know do you prefer the vertical foregrip or this strange silencer I always loved the vertical for VF built quality just like in this one everything is put together very very nice right no loose parts the cover nothing wobbles upset the handguard the handguard wobbles a bit okay we get slight movement although wrong front grip we think we hope that it won’t fall apart right it’s plastic right but with something inside no plastic for it wobbles a bit but not a biggie in here everything is rock-solid the stock you can chop the trees with it okay let’s begin with the folding stock skeleton stock here we have a molds from wielding it looks so it as you sow so bad stock absolutely no movement swing swivel Oh whatever it is rock solid now the oxidized steel body lower receiver receiver cover all right now bolt carrier and the hop-up unit pretty easy to adjust when this thing is removed gearbox type three inside pre solid it looks wiring of course goes to front now the famous or infamous fire selector it’s mechanical no electrical people say from well experience that it isn’t that drab who are reliable but you know in a DS valve it’s the works so it depends I guess the magazine release and the magazine hatch now you’re gonna see some problems okay once you get the hang of it it’s easy but you need to know it is as I said before now the plastic handguard to remove it oh don’t you press it I need to okay now you see we connected quite large battery in here we put it in this compartment it is good because it’s easy now you can use a duct tape no problem however there’s one thing if you want to fold this grip here’s the button now if for some reason you want to close it forward it’s impossible with the battery inside so either you you know forget about it or find a battery that will fit here which is quite tricky I guess right right now here we have sides so people flip upside and the front side here and of course the huge thread for your huge silencer which can get from lct in near future now if you’re not satisfied with the precision with accuracy get yourself along the barrel and silencer and it will do I guess now here we have the mount it’s typical Russian mount it’s supposed to fit most of the russian optics or rail attachments we managed to put a word on it PKA with no problem with no problem if other words well you need to find yourself probably same as well some months will need work gearbox type 3 LCD internals means it shoots but the gearbox works pretty good right same ones here in this one yeah so no strange sounds no squeaky you know squeaks just proper gearbox work and the hop-up unit is a a chi style or is little different something yeah it’s okay plastic one yeah yeah one of the best things of this LCC construction I’m involves VSS probably and this one s 3m are the magazines they are cheap they are made those low cups which is best right and the chick right there looks good but they are cheap so you can get a lot of them for very very affordable price we’re gonna check the actual capacity of the magazine here we have a about 90 s bb’s 19 TVs and we’re gonna try a bit accommodate 30 so it’s a typical low capacity magazine with about 60 bb’s capacity right we’re gonna test the range and accuracy on me first I’m gonna move for about 30 meters and he gonna try to hit my button right okay try to hit my back and then aim for the button I was getting shots here here here here and here where are you Amy now I’m about 40 meters we’re gonna try it if you can hit me with this shut bar weapon okay here here okay okay okay okay okay okay chill okay so I was getting cheap mostly on my bottle and on my back some babies flew on my shoulders he didn’t keep me on my shoulders okay now we’re gonna try the maximum effective range now I try to hit me okay Wow now most of the beauties hit me in my torso and here tights area so the range is very very satisfactory strike from the box however the grouping so the precision well not that great you need to work on a probably more precision barrel to get better results as for the grip however the range very very good okay to sum up this brand new product from LC g sr 3m from valve ESS fly quite a interesting option for all your russian gear fans right nowadays even valve and VSS are nothing you know spectacular but this one is still fresh so quite a good option so you want you know one of many but it can be a technically is to probably the same beast as this one which stands for excellent gearbox performance right some work needed for better accuracy quite good range but what is more important most important it is a build quality which is excellent especially in the field of some loose parts of the plastic site but you know it’s everywhere in this AG department so excellent build quality white just impression that suppose the impression of the actual real steel fire art right don’t paint on the belly so it is not some lct that they make Russian gear very very accurate right same is here so if you want a Russian down that looks cool and it’s not a as well and visas which you are now plenty of them around SS um is a good option and what is really really cool stuff about it that the magazines are cheap low capacity and they work very very good so what else you want some constant C semester 3m I think it’s enough you


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