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SCDTV – BOLT B4A1 Sopmod airsoft review

SCDTV – BOLT B4A1 Sopmod airsoft review

okay welcome to another scdtv review division with production and today we’re gonna talk about an m4 truck from Taiwan from both airsoft before you stop watching and bear with us a second okay well this isn’t typical AG Tokyo Marui standard it has gearbox type two inside except normal and then for magazines it does one thing other AG’s can’t it kicks you back check this car maybe you don’t see it quite well but I assure you this AG kicks you back okay how does it work well inside buffer tube we have a weight with a recoil spring that is connected to piston itself so any movement of the piston generates a kick because this weight moves back and kicks you in the shoulder this simple yet ingenious solution brings the whole aging experience to a new level after you shot two rounds with this return to a normal a G with no recoil action would be very very painful okay but this is a review so let’s talk about the gun as this is a sopmod version our bolt airsoft be for a 1a eg comes with a high quality rail adapter system forearm replica and a crane buttstock since the bolt recoil shock system occupies the inside of the buffer tube a battery is held only inside the stock so you should be able to fit in there nunchuck or short stick type batteries although with slight difficulty we managed to fit inside the buttstock a Power Beam 7.

4 volt 2400 milliampere hours 15 C lipo battery we also get an additional QD sling swivel socket at the end of the receiver the motor inside the pistol grip is held by anti heat plate however if you’re afraid of some dirt getting into your motor bulb provided an additional cap to cover the holes bolt airsoft is a Taiwanese cooperation and a high quality eggie G is what you would expect thankfully this is exactly what you get with the bolts before a1 the gun is built mostly from a high-grade aluminium alloy with a few polymer pasts however even these two nice matte texture unlike many shiny Chinese plastics the bolts main body is painted in matte black the outer barrel and a few bits on the receiver and carrying handle are in brownish steel like color whether to like such combination or not as a matter of personal taste although in our case we pretty much like it the gun we’ve got as both markings engraved on the mag well we were told that an additional OEM version will be released with no markings at all well we prefer this way over those with ridiculous dead frogs or zombie anchors apart from good looks the gun is also very well made there are absolutely no wobble between the upper and the lower receiver the buttstock locks quite solid overall wobble in this department is somehow smaller than in most are there m4 type aegs we were told by bolt that the wiring visible at the bottom of the buffer tube shall be covered in retail models as it was previously mentioned the bolt m4 is an only slightly modified Tokyo Marui standard m4 aeg it has a normal one piece hop-up unit and accepts normal m4 magazines unfortunately when it comes to these hour before a one turned out to be quite picky apart from the provided high cap we haven’t had problems with Magpul emag and PMAG mid caps on the other hand King Arms low caps and die tack polymers were no goes with our gun internally only the gearbox shell is not standard as it is a rail on the top that is used to generate a movement of the bolt carrier plate the main recoil system is hidden in the buffer tube and as we understand does not require any further departure from the tokyo marui standard to work properly genius okay as Brian covered the looks and the built of the EAG let’s see how it shoots and we’re not gonna use any places that any a4 sheets we gonna shoot right okay now we’re gonna shoot our Hamlet here at 20 meters 40 meters okay whoa Kuro I’ve gone over your target where I go to my culo boy we’re gonna shoot and be visit 20 meters okay step on those like this ah we know why so now we test not with us at 40 meters okay 40 meters oh you bastard okay now it’s about 40 meters okay can move it’s quite easy to hit a human target it still hurts when the baby gets you so it’s quite accurate aging as we just feel tested on this not so bright guy okay at 20 meters you can easily hit a human size target in this area you can put most of the babies at o2 meters we managed to miss a target few times but overall the accuracy is very very good for an AEG stop aging but the best thing is that while providing accurate fire you must take the recoil under consideration because it really makes a slight difference the day they actually don’t know all right so let’s sum up this little beast yes we took it for quite a skirmish and the fun was great when the recoil kicks in your shoulder a smile appears on your face we showed this gun to a bunch of guys and each and every one was like wow is it an blowback gas blowback rifle with it no it’s just an electric it’s not as hard as a gas blowback but again it’s hard enough to make you feel good and it’s completely different things different experience much it’s completely different level of experience of electric airsoft rifle so once you try this yeah it’s very difficult to go back to the old system yes because it feels so yes it lacks something that you have with this AG so with this simple yet ingenious solution is the whole experience is brought to another level doesn’t remember do not compare this to classical globe accounts yes because different things yeah because they have this real steel features like bolt catch moving bolt carrier maintenances another thing is but you know world but this will work low temperatures like any other AG one thing then the next row it has blowback and you can use normal magazine so yeah it’s a very positive feature documentary style magazines although as Ryan said it’s quite bitch one of the very few jokes of this age okay so yes it’s quite picky when it comes to magazines yeah you need to use good quality polymer magazine smackwall of course but then again you’ve got you have some to choose from right you are limited to one yes so okay now so for the price of three hundred eighty dollars retail price for this subversion you got a high quality Taiwanese made AG with a unique feature and well it doesn’t happen often but we fell in love with this yes yes one of the best m4s we have a head really well I don’t like em for us generally I have problems with AG’s replicas in general I like this one it’s like I like the cake it’s not as hard as a glass of gas blowback rifle it kicks just like my mp9 gas machine pistol and it’s really really nice it’s like now it’s I don’t want to go back to a normal AEG I’m good mp7 but this is the one I’m going to use more often I think yeah just do its range and quality and little thick so if you still here Morgan’s on your favorite website store and buy one worth it


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