Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the $&*% out of Players with Sawed-off Double Barrel

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with Sawed-off Double Barrel

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with Sawed-off Double Barrel

Oh hit Hey welcome back guys today, we’re playing with my latest addition this sawed-off double-barreled Shotgun is a gas-operated shut then there holds two shells for the six pillage each and can be fired independently It’s a great tool to take quick shots around corners spring a whole bunch of shots towards an enemy Without the need to take extended time to aim Although it is lacking in reload speed as she needs quite a bit of time to grab some new shelves you really have to make Our shots count today We’re hunting by ourselves in the game mode of Rush and my plan is to stay on the sides and take out all the flanking and straggling enemy players by hiding in the basements and rubble of the buildings * Heavy Breathing * Yeah, I’m Sam either sit here rolled on the hookah Bofur yes leaping Luckily that guy didn’t spot me on the open if I do need to get out of here before he does Now hiding in the basement behind enemy lines should give me great cover to take out players I just have to make sure there’s no enemy players around what I’m taking shots to keep my location unknown The player that got away because I shot the chain is most likely gonna relay my position to his teammates Which forces me to move and find a better spot? The capture point has shifted through the woods behind the castle over radio.

We’re here There’s three full enemy squads now occupying the castle and remaining squads possibly trying to flank us we need to make our move now Whilst they’re split up in order to take the castle and in turn take the captain Boyd Behind that tree Beautiful, please my god That Big sigh Thanks for watching guys I’m working on getting some crazy airsoft guns like the Barrett 50 Cal Minigun and the gas operators vector provided by GSP crew so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications To not miss any of those and I will see you in the next


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