Home Airsoft Gameplay Scaring the $&*% out of Players with FULL-AUTO AA-12

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with FULL-AUTO AA-12

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with FULL-AUTO AA-12

*Intro music* Hey welcome back guys today is a special day because my friends over at GSP airsoft have given me one of their toys in their amazing airsoft gun collection to play with make sure to check out the link in the description and in the top right to check out their channel because They have some really crazy and unique airsoft guns They’re gonna allow me to play with so this is the fully automatic a 12 that we equipped with a drum AG Filled to the brim with ammo this thing it literally has 3 barrels 3 Pistons and 3 gearboxes moving the entire System and allows you to completely annihilate players like this *annihilates player* to take full advantage of the firepower I’m rushing straight to a spot where I know a lot of enemy players will be at the start of the game *horn signaling the game has started* It jammed It jammed Theres a red light, I don’t know what that means They’re coming? what I need to fix this thing *hahaha* With the area completely cleared out of enemy players I Separate from my teammates and use my knowledge of the huge and intricate game area to get right up close in the enemy territory Well before they’ll expect enemy contact *haha* holy shit Having taken out a number of enemy players they we’ll be starting to relay my Whereabouts through radio with their teammates and start hunting me I need to make sure I stay out of sight to avoid getting Swiss cheesed I spot a very large group of enemies walking nearby in order to not get annihilated I hide my left arm with my team color an armband and pretend to look towards enemy players like I’m on their team HIT! It would be nearly a miracle if I got to take down that entire squad so Im okay with taking down two I link back up with my teammates as we now move towards one of the large buildings held by the enemy team in order to take the capture point Away from them *Hit it at the archway thing okay next to the pole lets go *signaling they’re on the same team* I see him Im gonna push them by the window down there oh shit *haha* There you go Having reached the building We’re only with two players left and not knowing how many enemies are still occupying the building We have to take it slow in order to not attract any unwanted attention Yep what the fuck Thanks for watching guys make sure to check out GSP crew with their crazy Airsoft gun collection that they’ll be uploading to YouTube channel very soon Subscribe to them, so you don’t miss it *outro music*


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