Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the $&*% out of Players with BIG BANG WW2 Grenades!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with BIG BANG WW2 Grenades!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with BIG BANG WW2 Grenades!

Hey what’s going on guys I’m back at the amazing field in Belgium known as the chambers for a game of Domination and I’m using the insane world war 2 bang grenade to distract or take out enemy players Outdoors because using these ones indoors is way too loud *Explosion* But to be able to get some sweet indoor grenade kills I brought myself these grenades that explode small blank primers and they are completely safe to use indoors *Explosion* Next to that I’m trying out a complete custom-built sniper from only upgrade parts available at skirmshop and believe me from now on This is my go-to sniper The game is getting started and I’ve been tasked to flank the enemy team and delay them as long as possible on capturing the first domination point *3 Airhorns* The first wave of the enemy force had fallen back and I got called in over radio to quickly push up and enter the domination Point to eliminate anyone that is trying to capture it *Grenade string pull* *Explosion* Bang Grenade out Grenade out Enemy force are pushing up hard and it seems like all my teammates are not even close to help me out I quickly make my way to the second floor to get a better overview on where the enemy forces are coming in Grenade out Grenade out Over radio I heard friendly force have claimed the lower floor So I move up to a sneaky exit to push further into enemy territory and attack the red castle that is the second domination point Don’t hear any shots being fired Meaning and probably here completely alone.

I move slowly and try to listen if I can hear enemy forces The element of surprise is key to make this attack work To many angles on this floor to push further So I fall back and use the basement to get back up to the second floor from the other side Hit Unfortunately after nearly taking this emanation point completely that one enemy got me and claimed back the domination point well, that’s it guys Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it and definitely check out my other videos by clicking on the end screen Right now and if you want to know more about the sniper that I’m using then check the link in the description for more information I will see you guys on the next one


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