Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the @#!$ out of players with an Airsoft Landmine

Scaring the @#!$ out of players with an Airsoft Landmine

Scaring the @#!$ out of players with an Airsoft Landmine

Hey, what’s going on guys? We’re back at the abandoned castle field in Belgium playing a game of domination The giant castle in this field is the main objective for both teams and it features a really cool underground tunnel system Which is easy to get lost in for new players.

To exploit this, I want to use a landmine to take players out before they even reach the castle The land mine is powered by gas and water or powder which is supposed to look something like this. Our plan is to rush the castle and get set up as quickly as possible.

*Alright, lets fucking go man* *C’mon!* Okay, let’s go. Fuck yeah. Run boi! Oh Nice one With the landmine now set up my plans to keep moving around in the dark depths of the castle with a landmine Hopefully taking people out by surprise To avoid the incoming enemies on that side of the castle And use the tunnel system to come out of the other side and look for a good spot to take out reinforcements Right now I can’t hold the castle on my own so I run out into the forest to assist one of our nearby friendlies squad players Because of the heavy rain you can sometimes not notice when you’re getting shot But unfortunately this dude is definitely playing another game We’re called back to the castle over radio because the enemy team has just taken over a capture point which means they’re now going to Go full force ahead towards the castle Back at the castle I want to quickly check my landmine and get ready for the next wave of enemy players Well at least I got that on camera fucking hell no my baby I’ve no idea with my back looked like most probably bad.

What does it look like guys? I’m gonna leave this out here Thanks for watching guys make sure to LIKE and subscribe if you like what you see check out the links in the description If you want to own this sniper rifle for yourself, and I’ll hopefully see you in the next one


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