Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the $&*% out of Players with a BIG BANG GRENADE!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with a BIG BANG GRENADE!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with a BIG BANG GRENADE!

Frag out! Hey, what’s going on guys. I’m back at the chambers in Belgium and this time, I’m taking some good use of some grenades. They come in all kinds of shape and sizes and some of them have a really loud bang while others spread a bunch of BB’s on impact They are really useful for clearing rooms and surprising the enemy team.

The game we are playing is domination, and I’m quickly going forward to defend one of the capture points You lucky motherf***er Hit! I’m noticing one of the enemy players about the break through, but I don’t have an angle.

I’m going to relocate to try and take him down. Hit! Medic? Yeah Right away after I got medics. I took the threat down and went back to my position. I’m going to clear the path before getting closer. I don’t see any enemy forces coming towards me.

It’s time to move up. Hit, hit! Hit! Hit! Over radio, I heard enemy forces are gathering to attack the capture point. A few enemies are out of the range so they need a sniper Holy f***. Whoa Well, that surprise attack nearly got me taken down, but after moving further up I can see three more enemies hiding in the second room.

Frag out! The enemy team is holding the other capture point, so I called in my teammates over radio to try to take it over. I know there are at least two enemies hiding in the basement. A grenade will get them down so we can all move in Frag out! Hit! Hit! Hit Unfortunately, I got taken down by my own grenade, but my teammates cleared the building and we won the game.

Thanks for watching guys. Make sure to check out my other videos with lots of grenades by clicking on the end screen right now. I will see you guys on the next one.


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