Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the $&*% out of Players in TERRIFYING Costumes!(DP, SANTA, DONALD…)

Scaring the $&*% out of Players in TERRIFYING Costumes!(DP, SANTA, DONALD…)

Scaring the $&*% out of Players in TERRIFYING Costumes!(DP, SANTA, DONALD…)

Oh boomer mom Hey what’s going on guys in this video? I got the best moments of my cosplay videos where I’m scaring the shit out of players I played as the Grim Reaper Deadpool Pennywise Donald Trump and Easter Bunny and even as a predator with a freaking Chainsaw, the reactions of some people is just pure gold let me know what your favorite moment of this highlight video is by commenting below and I’ve added the links in the description to the Original videos so you can check them out as well.

I hope you enjoy and if you do leave a like in itself, oh Hey there some aspects I can veneer against the cameras so they called me in that port and I’m here to fuck them up Hello guys You killed your teammates you’re stupid You’re dead Your trip what’s that in your pocket give it to me don’t point at me Thank you Hi Isn’t this just this is just terrorizing but most important I got a chainsaw Look at this.

This is just madness No, hey nice Oh Long Hey, what’s going on guys, it’s almost Easter time. And what’s more fun than a tactical Easter Bunny in an airsoft battle? The rules are quite simple. Both teams have Easter eggs on them, and I’m here to collect them I Thought bossa Thank you, oh Ho ho Merry Christmas good to be back this year and I can finally play some airsoft and collegiate was so nice to lend me his equipment However, I couldn’t die by babies, but I can still kill me with a knife or a grenade.

My task is simple I have to create a gremlin arm from the enemy players and steal as much flags as possible You want to be with us you want to be gambling on your knees, okay? Ruby you see you’re so angry little shot me in the balls Oh aah If he shot you in the balls, he’s not worthy of being a Kremlin You can be your grinnin if you only show up there’s someone boss, okay Happy hey wing my Georgie’s today I’m scaring the shit out of players that are trying to win their airsoft game by capturing me and my blows I can only get taken down by a grenade a knife but to do that they have to know how to Make sure I don’t touch them Oh Welcome back for a brand-new Grim Reaper video.

I Don’t belong to any team They cannot kill me with their guns. The only way to take me out for a short time is by a knife or grenades The only weapon that I use is my scythe and I am here to collect all souls from all players No one is safe.

I am in the dark. I’m in the forest I am Everywhere where they do not suspect me to be Oh Holy shit If you want Know you belong to me now? No You killed me no I’m already done Nice kill that’s a banana You’ll belong to me now You have one day run My name is Donald Trump and I’m here to make airsoft great again, it’s going to do wonderful It’s going to be a beautiful day.

I need some more money. Where’s my money? We want to bring see the most money I’ll fight for them because I never die. I’m a winner everyone is losers losers loose winners win. I’m a winner It’s the best shotgun to see babies go out that way.

I’m aiming yet beautiful Loading is easy to beautiful shotgun you get it. It’s beautiful It’s Trump president Trump the best player of this game Your loser Go talk about the line. Take it back say story.

Okay President Trump Good man, you’re fired Anyways, that’s it guys. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it And if you did check out the full videos by clicking on the end screen right now And if you are new here, definitely subscribe for upcoming cosplay videos.

I will see you guys on the next one You


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