Home Airsoft Cheaters Scaring the $&*% out of Players in a GRIM REAPER SUIT!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players in a GRIM REAPER SUIT!

Scaring the $&*% out of Players in a GRIM REAPER SUIT!

Hello welcome back for a brand new Grim Reaper video I Don’t belong to any team They cannot kill me with their guns. The only way to take me out for a short time is by a knife or grenades The only weapon that I use is my scythe and I am here to collect all souls from all players No one is safe.

I’m in the dark. I’m in the forest I am Everywhere where they do not suspect me to be I hope you enjoy and if you do leave a like ns/up and Next week I might be back or maybe next Halloween {screams} Ah {ha ha} [player:screams] Your dead You better run now one more day I Smell blood {screams and laughs} you’re dead Holy shit Ah nice one you’re dead Your dead your dead Yes, you’re dead welcome to my life Fight me in the dark Oh, yeah.

…dead Run hide better I’m already dead Oh HELLO You’re dead Hi your dead If you want no you belong to me now no You killed me No not again I’m already dead Nice kill, that’s a banana You’ll belong to me now Your dead Heyllo You have one day run! I Am the devil Come and play I See you have grenades you should yeah Yeah Hahaha, oh you are trained master You failed, you are a bad warrior your dead dead Well, thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed it I did I never collected so many souls during Halloween I can’t wait for next year so subscribe or I will get your soul


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