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[Scar-L Mk16 – VFC | Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Scar-L Mk16 – VFC | Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the FN SCAR-L Mk16 from VFC, distributed in France by Cybergun This VFC bb gun is also available in black but also in SCAR-H heavy model and SSR precision shooting model, also in 2 colors Moreover Cybergun has announced at recording date of this video, the coming distribution of the CQC models The box containing the SCAR is very simple, it has only a brand sticker on the top and the bb gun reference contained inside, on the side Regarding interior protection level, this is very average, it is thermoformed plastic but it is thin and brittle No user manual in the box but after contacting the Cybergun support, I was quickly sent a PDF version of it Find the direct link to it for download, in the description of this video This one is completely English written but is correctly ilustrated for understanding It is also common to all replicas of SCAR of the brand and at the end we will find all the exploded views of these bb guns To begin, we found a metal high-cap magazine And then in a plastic package, the Mk16 SCAR-L bb gun The metal parts of the bb gun are the flash hider and the outer barrel, the sights, the upper receiver, the rails and various operating buttons Polymer parts are the stock, lower receiver and the pistol grip As Cybergun is owning the rights of the FN Herstal license, the few markings are realistic We distinguish a few very slight traces of molding marks on plastic parts but nothing dramatic Regarding sling attachs, a first one is provided on each side of the front A dual one in the middle on the left side and a simple one on the right side And one last is available on the top of the stock Regarding rails, you will have the pleasure to get the presence of a RIS rail on each side of the gun and below, and all along the upper receiver The fire selector is relatively well defined except at the half but I will come back later on this point after the shooting test As this gun is ambidextrous, we find the same switch on the other side The front and rear sights can be folded The rear one can also be dismantled if necessary And of course, they are completely adjustable The flash hider reveals a 14mm anti-clockwise thread and the end of the internal barrel The outer barrel may also be removed to change to a CQC variant by also changing the inner barrel length Please note, there is no locking mechanism on the flash hider, remember to tighten it correctly The stock can be length adjusted on 6 positions and height on 3 positions Notice here that the power cables are not visible at the hinges level, so no risk of premature wear as on other models The cocking lever can be stucked back and will make appear on the other side, the BAX system adjustement wheel in the false ejection window The bolt catch is functional and pressing it will move back the cocking lever in the initial position Note that if the gun is placed flat on the right side, it is impossible to block the cocking lever At the front, the gas-operated cannon mechanism mode switch is actually an adjustement tool for teh BAX system which can be dismantled This will be very convenient for access to teh BAX wheel as it is not easy even without gloves The magazine of the bb gun will fit well and slight move is perceptible from front to back The magazine release button is also ambidextrous And during magazine ejection, it does not come alone and it will need a little help This magazine is a 300bbs metal high-cap TAN colored one with a very good finish The battery will be placed in the stock To access the case, you will remove a pin in order to remove the butt pad The bb gun has a standard fuse and connector type is Mini Tamiya Inside the stock, there is very little space and I advise you to use a lipo type battery Moreover, it is especially true that excess of wiring and the fuse, already take up much space Before inserting your battery, I suggest you to completely get your stock back before inserting it During shooting test, I noticed an issue with the semi automatic mode of the firing selector The position is not straightforward and is sometimes in full auto position if you are not careful It is unfortunately a recurring problem on some VFC bb guns In use, the VFC SCAR-L is really nice ts pretty light weight associated with a large barrel length allowed me to use this bb gun to marksmanship shooting without problems The gun is already originaly very accurate which was helpful even for the suppression fire The only major issue is the BAX system rubber that was not very efficient enough early in the game and taht therefore will need a good break-in period Moreover regading adjustment of the BAX, we must be patient and go step by step as it is very sensitive In conclusion, this SCAR-L has an excellent finishing quality, one of the best I’ve seen yet The playing characteristics and its accuracy will be very significant for marksmanship or even for a conventional configuration For this last one, you have to necessarily go through a downgrade process, the power of the bb gun is too strong to play in full auto mode in most airsoft associations I remain quite concerned about the fire selector, expect to have to replace the cut off lever or selector plate but these parts are cheap This Scar will be perfect for players wishing to acquire a good replica modulo some adjustments Thank you to you for watching this video If you appreciated it, be sure to like and share it Never miss next issue, please subscribe to the channel And see you soon in next video


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