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SC Village & CodeRed GoPro airsoft gameplay

SC Village & CodeRed  GoPro airsoft gameplay

all right go come on yeah call it hey the right there dude ducting the trenches they are right there straight ahead nice another one oh sorry sorry sorry oh yeah that’s how you shoot as a good boy dude sniper shots to the end of the map with this don’t [ __ ] with me brary straight ahead Matt in the ditches all right pop him in the end he’s right there to the left now Matt to the left right there to the left oh just get him again huh oh that’s sick that’s [ __ ] sick oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] hey she’s all right sorry about that giggles let’s come on get up [ __ ] I’m out back out back out straight ahead dude to the right kind of in the ditches that’s it that’s it that’s it we just got them that’s it hell yeah I’m gonna try to go for it much thought I go far right ok hold them back you hey Matt okay you always [ __ ] grab on me move forward to the door look over the door move forward to the door I got that guy yeah just wait we got it done on this under beam who hold on hold on i’ma go cover come oh sure oh my god that was the greatest thing ever move up guys move up all players you have one minute to find the bomb fun fun oh [ __ ] hold on i’m gonna go back i’m gonna go back to cover though right I’m looking around god I’m looking around I’m not seeing it I’m looking for the bond you guys right right right come here come here in here in here kind of right in here all right oh you’re going all even funny oh the other you are fun oh wait you go let’s push guys get up to that wall Hey look ahead keep looking forward guys you guys just use the bar money hey sorry if I shot you Kendra hey Tim Tim Tim too hey your own bands right ok hey watch behind I just killed two guys that were back there yeah i’m gonna go i’m gonna go baby yeah teams say i mean i know but i don’t turn out ok oh my damn hey let him know bands appear bad you freakin retards god that hurt goes up goes up goes up come on i hit the [ __ ] out of you bro [ __ ] you’re a kid you’re uh you’re 12 right here carrick try to jump on my backers piggyback ride hey back ride hey go here let me get your son up on me yeah there you go here Oh your dad aren’t you yeah yeah I was gonna give on my gun hold on you’re gonna have to cover for me there’s a guy right here Matt there’s a guy right here right Matt right side of this shopping right side of this building hurry up there you go thank you


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