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SAR M41 Sportmatch Holz / CA G3A2 Wood Airsoft Review – [Eng Sub]

SAR M41 Sportmatch Holz / CA G3A2 Wood  Airsoft Review – [Eng Sub]

strange sound right? Hello Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel What do you hear today can no Gas Blowback? Today it is electrically because I will show you the SAR M41 Sportmatch in the wood version. or just a G3A2.

The whole of SchwabenArms / Classic Army. I hope you enjoy the review. truly a strange sound! I’ll show you fast the scope of delivery of the SAR M41. This airsoft was kindly provided by Begadi. It is delivered in this sturdy box.

On the cardboard is written in large “Classic Army”. The Classic Army G3 in version 2 is used as a base for the SAR M41 Sportmatch (in collaboration with Begadi and Schwaben Arms). The Airsoft is safe in Styrofoam.

A High Cap magazine and a cleaning rod are also included An instruction is missing in my carton. You’ll get it certainly. The highlight I hold in my hand the SAR M41Sportmatch in the fine wood version.

What a long name? We can also call it with the right name. What I hold in my hand is nothing more than a classic G3A2. I hold in my hand the Premium version of the SAR series (exclusively for sale only at Begadi).

The special premium feature is the beautiful wood. The wood stock and handguard comes from a real G3A2 from Arsenal stocks. One can clearly see the signs of use. I’ll show a little closer. That makes each SAR unique.

You not only wear “Bundeswehr history” with you. If you smell on the stock… The typical smell of oil, grease and smoke. a smell of a real used gun. which gives a special flair. smelled enough 🙂 8 versions are available from the SAR M41 (208 – 450,- Euro).

i show you know the 8 verisons I make space. Let’s see if I can put all on the screen Let’s start: SAR M41 Offizier FS (Stock) Review from this version next week. the Offizier with sliding Stock SAR M41/M43 with curved magazine in two stock versions SAR M41 Sportmatch FS3 Stock & sliding stock SAR M41 Sportmatch LSR with Bipodgrip and M4 Stock and the last one.

the premium flagship SAR M41 Sportmatch with wood stock and handguard. Now to the Bodycheck: Lenght: 1040 mm, Tuning Barrel 6,03mm (Lenght: 495mm). Weight 3,5KG (Real Steel 1KG more) inside a V2 gearbox is installed, quick spring changes, steel gears and High Torque motor.

That’s all I’m telling you. I have no great knowledge of Gearbox. I recommend the Classic Army G3 Gearbox video of “Nano” he has disassembled the gearbox and shows you all the advantages and disadvantages.

I write to you the link to the channel in the description. Name of the channel S-AEG Porn. the name is program. There the gearbox is made naked 🙂 Material: Real Wood an 99% aluminium body. that the different to the version 1 from classic army (zinc diecasting) less steel parts only body pin and the magazine.

The package includes a highcap magazine with 500 round capacity. when you do not like rotate the wheel you can buy mid and low cap magazine the magazine is inserted into the gun like a AK. it snaps in clean and tight.

No problems. There are two magazine release at the SAR. A Button (M4 Like) or a lever ( AK like) the front and rear sight are made of aluminium. the rear sight has 4 position. One “V-Backsight” and three “pinhole backsights” the grip (motor inside) is made of plastic and has the G3 typical finger rest.

The fire selector is only on the left side (like the real steel) The postion marker on the right side is missing. This SAR have no Fullauto because the power is over 0,5 Joule. That does not bother me at the G3.

the flashhider is made of alumium and can be remove for silencer for example. I would not do it! This destroys the classic look! Who wants to do it: 14mm negativ thread. Here the loading lever with center pivot.

it can be moved as the original. Behind the fake plastic bolt you find the hopup adjustment. of course you can catapult forward the loading lever like a real steel G3 🙂 zack. You hear the cool sound? Brilliant!! the airsoft requires power.

The battery comes in into the wood stock. Two screws must be removed. behind the cap is the T-Connector.The place to the battery is closely because of the real steel wood. I have no suitable battery. Therefore my battery hanging out for this review 😉 i connect a battery because it is time for the chrono.

Product Information: 429FPS / 1,7 Joule. I make the chrono with 0,2g BB and a 11.1 Lipo battery. before I do the test shot. I’ll show you even the markings. determines you’ve already seen it because it illuminates properly white 🙂 all in white: “Schwaben Arms”, “Schwaben Arms”, “Schwaben Arms”, “SAR”, “SAR”, “Schwaben Arms”,”Schwaben Arms” all over white letters.

I would have liked more discreet like the classic army logo. Now the shooting test of the SAR M41 Sportmatch. Distance 30 meter, Target A4 Size, 0,28g BBs nice warm weather in November. you see I’m wearing a shirt.

it’s very windy today. I’m looking forward to the results. i shoot 10 rounds lets take a look lets take look to the result. no BB missed. 10 hits on the target. 9 BBs on the A4 sized Target.A very good result at this wind.

Now to the Pro&Con of the SAR M41 Sportmatch. Short: the G3A2 version 2 aluminium body. Looks and feels stable i hope it is more solid like the cast zinc version quality and especially: the real wood stock and handguard from the real steel G3A2! the price is expensive (450 euro).

You can buy separately the RS wood stock/handguard (70 Euro). but you have to adjust itself and the guarantee will be lost. i do not like the high cap magazine with turning the little wheel. Mid Cap (120 Rounds and Low Cap (70 Rounds) are available.

The accuracy is very good. it was very windy and I was able to shoot well. One point i must say: It is a AEG. Where is the Gasblowback G3??? the moving bolt, the recoil and the sound of a gasystem would be great!!! this can not be hard to build! VFC and WE have the MP5 GBB.

Why not a G3???? OMG! I would be so happy !! This can not be hard to build !!! finally a solid G3 airsoft riffle. An old Classic Army G3 was hard to find (unspoilt). Now the version2 with better body, gearbox, tuning barrel and great wood.

i really lke this wood version and i think i must buy this beauty. Maybe I’ll get a good price from BEGADI?! Back to the airsoft. if you like the G3. 8 versions are available. for every price and taste is catered I did not think that I like an AEG but it looks so beautiful 🙂 i must buy it.

The only reason for me for sale the AEG: A GBB in the marketplace not only I wait for a Gasblowback! That is long overdue!!! VFC and WE go on!!!! We need a GBB G3 now!! this was my review of the SAR M41 Sportmatch/G3A2.

I hope you like it Next time you see the SAR Offizier review. It is the same airsoft but it is short and tactical. Thats from me. i shoot now a little bit electric. Bruce


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