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SAR M41 Offizier FS / CA G3 Airsoft Review | Deutsch [Eng Sub]

SAR M41 Offizier FS / CA G3  Airsoft Review | Deutsch  [Eng Sub]

Hello Bruce here BB2k Airsoft Channel. do you renember the SAR M41 Wood Version review? I like the wood version You don’t like the oldschool look? Maybe this one is the right for you? The SAR M41 Offizier.

Short, compact with Rail. I’m curious what you think of it This also works with electricity I begin with the scope of delivery. Thanks to BEGADI for loaning the airsoft. the Airsoft is well packed in carton.

Included is the Airsoft, two RIS cover and a cleaning rod Noewto the Bodycheck. You see it. The officer is shorter than the SAR M41 Woodversion The version 2 is made of aluminum. This is more stable than the old built cast zinc version.

The Airsoft has a working load lever Behind the fake bolt is the adjustment for the hopup. you can leave the loading lever fast forwards like the Real Steel. left, right and bottom, there is a rail made of aluminum.

Perfect for bipod, handle and tactical Attachments you can cover the rail. The package includes two RIS Cover. I think it’s better without Cover. Front and back sight are made of aluminium. The Back sight has 4 positions and snaps good.

you can replace the flashider with a silencer. 14mm negativ Here you see the markings. Very discreetly in shining bright white 🙂 Schwaben Arms, Logo, BEGADI all in white. Discreetly in black like the Real Steel SAR would be better.

you have two ways to remove the magazine. With a button (M4 Style) or with lever (AK Style) I prefer the lever. How do you seethe magazine snaps in very good. The package includes a 500 round Hi-Cap magazine (aluminium) Mid and Low Cap magazine available.

This is a AEG Airsoft. It comes with a V2 Gearbox, gears made of steel, high torque motor and quick spring exchange. more of the gearbox you can see on Nano’s “S-AEG-Porn Channel”. I put the link in the description.

S-AEG Porn: GET NAKED GEARBOX!!!! in the plastic stock is the battery slot. Here you see the T-Plug. There is plenty of space for the battery. now to the chrono. Manufacturer value is 410 FPS. I shoot with 0,2g BB and 11.

1 Lipo battery I have not reached the value the shop BEGADI sold 8 versions of the SAR Airsoft (280 – 400 Euro) SAR M41 Offizier Stock & Slidestock SAR M34 (curved magazine) with Stock/ Slidestock SAR M41 Sportmach with Stock/Slidestock SAR M41 LSR (Bipod grib, M4 Stock) looks very special and of course the SAR M41 Sportmatch wood Now to the shooting test of the SAR M41 Offizier.

Best weather ! Iwear a Poloshirt in November 🙂 It is very windy. The target is placed on 30 meter (A4 size). i shoot 10 times with 0,28g BB. lets take a look it is very windy you can hear it. I hit 8 times and 2 miss.

I shoot on the same day with the SAR wood version and the longer barrel makes a better result as the Offizier version on this windy day. anyway i am happy with this result. Now to the pro & contra of the SAR M41 Offizier.

This is the version 2 so the material is aluminium. It looks and feels more stable as the first version. modern look with rail system compact with 820mm . The version with sliding stock is even shorter.

The accuracy is good but the long SAR M41 Sportmatch is something better due to the long inner barrel. I do not like the hi-cap magazine. I recommend the mid or low-cap magazine. The system is OK. You do not need to change anything.

The internals be enough for a good start. the professional will determine opportunities for improvement. But i think this is a good ot of the box airsoft. if you’ve always wanted to have a G3. the SAR form Classic Army/SchwabenArms is a good choice for you.

There are 8 versions available. From classic to tactical. From long to short. From cheap to expensive. Tuning barrel, gearbox. This is a good out of the box Airsoft . I had fun with the electric G3 Airsoft.

Although I miss GGB I bought the G3A2 (SAR M41 Wood version). I hope you like the review. Give me a like and leave a comment. See you next time. Bruce


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