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SandMans airsoft loadout

SandMans airsoft loadout

go my god this is ghosts were with delta 1 airsoft pistol holster and in it there’s a smith & wesson MP nine which I can’t get out right now and on the side I just have little flashlight you can see sorry about black holders which I put some these water bottles that hold babies in get that in there yes wake and towards the top i had the couch which has a little tactical knife in it gerber gotra sergeant patch reverse american flag and here i got 5 11 i just got another flashlight in there he blew it really big debt the orange tip and the guns easy to find evening um I got nothing out from the other patch and then at the top I got a red signal signal if I need to Claire Sinclair yeah merchants you got a laser point people out and then I usually found lightweight with the best they’re just some regular bdu’s the Condor Odie’s mean hard knuckle gloves just like ghosts and the red smog just like gloves and that’s that it see ya oh we forgot oh he also has a navy pin I think see it and squeeze his little motorola radios they were good when you in field all right just one yourself subscribe


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