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San Antonio Airsoft in Heat of July [Mission Airsoft]

San Antonio Airsoft in Heat of July [Mission Airsoft]

Hello there airsofters. Mark here from Archon airsoft. Some friends I decided to take a trip out to the Mission Airsoft field in San Antonio, Texas. It was a seven hour drive from our home city and it was a great experience.

The field has a lot of friendly players and the gameplay was exceptional The downside of playing in South Texas in the middle of July is the heat and San Antonio’s constant humidity didn’t do us any favors it’s important to take water whenever you play an airsoft in the summer time and take care of yourself as well heat stroke is easier to get than most people think but with some simple preparation even the hottest days can be a lot of fun and this hot July Saturday was a great day to play some airsoft I apologize for the poor audio quality the GoPro that I’m using is in a water proof box so it doesn’t capture much of any audio that’s not close to it.

Where’s Chris? He’s already gone. I don’t know where he went. After loading magazines getting our equipment ready we head out to Hauser field the sunniest part of mission airsoft. We hike through a lot of the rest of the field in the first forest area to get there Alright it’s just like super low.

[laughs] Yeah. It’s like low to the right. Uh, you won’t really be fighting in this part. Or at least we didn’t last time. We finally arrived at Hauser field. They chose this field first because the heat hasn’t set in completely but it’s still about 94 degrees.

The layout of this area is to mimic an open urban environment much different from the forest and thick brush the most of the rest of the field is made of We have four. The head ref explains this first game mode, football.

The objective is to control the middle and retrieve the football, then push the enemy back in score by walking the ball into the enemy’s endzone. The two end zones for this map are the areas enclosed with tires.

After about 30 minutes, whichever team has the most touchdowns is the winner. Unlimited respawns, so it’s meant to be a fast-paced game. This is where I take a moment to appreciate all the similarities and Krytac’s guns.

It’s easy to spot a fellow Krytac when you own one even though this guy has completely different model his being an LMG when I have an M4. Eli has a Krytac too so I let him in on my little moment of airsoft nerdiness Time to begin.

I start the game off by working with the right side of the field. I’m running with Krytac Trident mark II SPR, a scout rifle with some serious range Sadly at the outing prior to this game the reflex I was shot and I didn’t have time to sight in my new one.

It mostly works out because when the enemies are close enough I can just home in the white line of bb’s for my rifle and a three time scope was sighted in so that when my enemies are far away and I have to look through it I just line up the target close to the middle of it it’s definitely nice when the Green Dot lines up perfectly with the shot that’s just my own preparedness not having it done.

For this day I was prepared enough to make some acrylic covers for both optics, so hopefully there won’t be any more expensive mistakes. First I’m just trying to get an idea of where my bb’s are gonna land, relative to my green dot since I didn’t sight it in.

Continuing to stay to the right of the field along the fence, I advanced towards the football hopefully I can get enough ground to get an angle on the enemy team to where they can’t capture it My teammate Ashton made the same progress as I did so we’re able to cover both angles from the structure The advantages of using white bb’s outweigh the disadvantages but their visibility isn’t just advantageous to the person shooting them.

From a distance I can dodge the incoming bb’s when I see them fired from the enemies barrel. That is one of the more non immersive aspects of airsoft, but useful in a firefight with someone at a distance.

I didn’t manage to warn my teammate in time about the enemy I was in a firefight with. Sorry about that Ashton Hit! You can only dodge the bb’s so many times before your enemy starts prefiring I guess I was just getting a little too confident.

Back in the action, I decide to move up the right side to get since the majority of my team is pushing the left I regroup with my teammate Eli and offer to provide suppressive fire while he moves up. I’ll shoot while you run alright? Move up! We move up my teammate Chris captures the football we now have controlled the middle of the field Whew! That was a close one Chris decides make a run for it and scores touchdown for our team it’s now 1-0 Here.

Chris bring it back to spawn. Sadly this is where the battery on my camera runs out. That happens a lot throughout the day, causing a loss in some pretty awesome footage since the end of the games were rarely recorded.

The next time I go out I’ll try to get an external battery pack the enemy team ended up pushing forward controlling the field for a bit we got it back I scored the second and final point we won 2-0 What are you looking at? Nothing [voice crack] I’m looking at P.

The letter P. The letter P. Eli, which hat’s yours? That one [laughs] Most definitely.


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