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SAFARILAND 6004 Leg Holster Glock 17 [Review]


This is a review of the Safariland 6000 for lego star for glock 17 a top-quality Kydex holster designed for military and law enforcement personnel which of course works extremely well for dynamic shooters and the substeps as well it’s made from solid well finished Kydex shaped for a tie on the backside the leg straps have some greeting stripes of material on the inside this prevents we all start to move up and down during fast movements and keeps began always where you need it tied on the leg leg straps are fully adjustable for desired length and so is the waistband I suggest you a semi-rigid belt such as a black hole carry get belt or decide 11th – toaster every very snug fit and keeps a great attention of the gun even without the turn break locking mechanism down the screw on the outside sets the desired the tension you can get the resistance exactly as you like it for your extractions the internals have some kind of padding which makes a dual star smooth on the edges of your gun avoiding premature wear and tear the locking system is quite simple and intuitive push down on forward the level with your timer to release it snap it back over the top to lock the guard the locking system works as an anti theft prevention as well 50 ton brake is are the two access from the outside the extraction is a three-step procedure index the gun clear and release the upper guard or so-called Cobra hood is actually trained for the correct and movement the extraction is not vertical but slightly diagonal the 6004 is obviously quite different than my cry position gang clips I still love the versatility of the gun clip which is very lightweight and compact as well it’s a great offer for concealed carry or if you’re wearing Molly beds without too much pouches on the side cummerbund but being able so that you’ll need to pull the arm up quite a bit for the extraction the 6004 fits exactly where your arm ends as its shown place on your loadout and doesn’t get in the way of anything of course it’s bulkier heavier and less concealable as for every piece of gear it all depends on what Suites best your radium application I hope you guys enjoyed this review follow me on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive content leave a like and subscribe for more tactical gear videos I’ll see you next time and stay safe out there


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