Subtitles available in English Welcome AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a brand product STARK ARMS and two upgrade components MAPLE LEAF marketed by BO MANUFACTURE This is the S17 Combat Super Grade CO2 and the precision barrel with the seal hopup 6.

01 and T- KEY Tensioner This review will offer the presentation of the replica of origin and these tests and the internal modification of the reply and these comparison tests with the original release You will receive this replica handgun in a box with design STARK ARMS, it will be provided with the CO2 cartridge wrench a metal outer barrel, a charger 23 BBS + charger tip and a user manual.

Discover the replica of the outside: The S17 Combat Super Grade has the full range STARK ARMS received a nice finish and quality Turning to external details of the reply: The S17 receives a reinforced cylinder head CNC equipped with sights and marking COMBAT SUPER GRADE The ABS body of very good quality is equipped with a Picatinny rail allowing the installation of a lamp or laser Its two knobs breech disassembly and its retainer and its charger eject button and equipped with its safety safe The body is molded to obtain good support when using the reply with a finger placement around very fast and pleasant handle It ends with the CO2 magazine, 23 BBS with an enlarged loading groove for a fast BBS investment and its charger ABS heel It measures 204 mm for 680 gr with ABS outer barrel and 725 gr with CNC gun Turning to the internal of the replica.

The S17 receives a precision barrel in 6.03, enhanced pump in Red and a double spring guide Hopup its setting will be as the other STARK ARMS models by separating the cylinder head of the body and located in the box through the dial hopup The S17 is also equipped with the FULL simply actuated latch located under the slide Let the test chrony BBS 0.

20 Gr, the replica is given to 330 FPS depending on the outside temperature with the weight Let the test target at a distance of 15 m and a shooting target on mannequin to determine the scope of max distance balls GR 0.

20 test 15 meters on Target ( no upgrade ) At 15 meters, one or two BBS have a bizarre trajectory and the majority have reached the target test 30 meters on Target ( no upgrade ) BBS affect the dummy 30 meters, single precision is not correct We now move to the replica of disassembly to install the upgrade parts on video.

dismantling – upgrade internal canon – hopup – Tkey Tensionner Now that the replica is equipped with upgrade parts, we will be able to realize shooting tests again to 15 m by 30 m on target and model and then realize the max firing range on mannequin test 15 meters on Target ( upgrade ) BBS group of 15 meters is improved by changing the inner barrel test 30 meters on Target ( upgrade ) At 30 meters, the accuracy is improved as well as the grouping of BBS test 40 meters on Target ( upgrade ) 0.

25 GR / Max distance range on all the BBS, all did not arrive on the mannequin but it reaches the max distance of 40 meters it is a very good result for a handgun replica test 40 meters on Target ( upgrade ) 0.

25 GR / FULL AUTO the result is an indication because the distance is really high for a handgun replica FULL AUTO, the BBS are uncontrollable at that distance Let the positive and negative points: For the negative: A metal outer barrel to be lightly sanded with the ejection port level because it blocks because of the excessive paint A setting too light hopup of origin does not allow to properly mount the weights from 0.

25 gr. Positive: Enhanced slide CNC and a pump also strengthened. The supply of the metal outer barrel. A very nice original operation providing a very good kick. The original precision barrel by 6.03 giving largely adequate performance for this type of reply.

Use in semi mode as full What can we tell you about the change internal parts? The addition of these rooms make it even more enjoyable this replica that already gave good results The accuracy has increased and the hopup finds its usefulness through the T-KEY and gasket Maple Leaf allowing heavier weight of Use we go to the workability of the S17 which is significant in this replica, the grip molding for a good catch in hand is that ece the holster to the acquisition or conversely your fingers will not slip, so good point about this grip Here is the review of S17 STARK ARMS Combat Super Grade and upgrade parts of MAPLE LEAF marketed by BO Manufacture completed For these products, inquire directly with your official dealer shop BO Manufacture Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel and Facebook page are counting on you.

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