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RWA MG34 Airsoft Review Deutsch – ENG SUB

RWA MG34 Airsoft Review Deutsch –  ENG SUB

Would be nice but this is only a airsoft 🙂 But it is a very special heavy weight 7,5kg airsoft monster. Today i show you the MG34 from RWA i wish you much fun. LOCK & LOAD The intro is finished and before I start I want to thank chris.

He gave me his MG34 for the review. Thanks Chris The MG34 from RWA is a very expensive Airsoft. The baby costs 1300 euros! In Germany there is only one shop. I will give you some links in the description.

I start with the contents of the MG34. The Airsoft comes in this cardbox with a illustration of the MG34 and with old german letters “Maschinengewehr MG34” if i open the box you find the airsoft. You must assemble the gun first.

I have already put it together for you. The MG34 comes in 4 parts: Stock,Body, Bipod and drum magazine. The assembly is very simple. If you like you can look at my unboxing video. Next to the MG34 you get a 1500 round drum magazine, a manual and a 11.

1 lipo battery. That’s all for 1.300 Euro. I’ll tell you something about the real MG34… After the first world war and the heavy water-cooled MGs like the MG08 and MG 08/15 the miltars wanted a new and light MG.

This was followed by the MG 13, then the MG15 and finally 1931 the MG34. The first version still had the double-drum magazine with 75 shot from the MG15. This first version also had a ROF switch (400 or 900 RPM).

In the second version the ROF switch feature was removed. Also a new 50 rounds drum mag comes out, which also used by the MG42. The body of the MG 34 is two-part.The receiver could be rotated to remove the barrel.

Another special feature is the double trigger. “E” for semi and “D” for fullauto. The effective range was 200 to 2000 meters. Due to the low weight the MG34 could be worn and operated by one person. Everything so perfect.

But the production was expensive and complex. For this reason the well-known MG42 was developed. Cheaper and more effective. The MG34 was not sent in rent. It works together with the MG42 to the end of the WW2.

Even after 1942 it was still used in other countries …. It was also used in other galaxies! The Stormtroopers used the MG34 as “DLT-19” in the movie STAR WARS. much traveled the MG 34 🙂 But now to the airsoft version from RWA.

Let’s start with the bodycheck. The gun is quite heavy. The weight is about 7,5kg. the real steel weight 12kg The airsoft player is happy. He does not need much to carry. The collector is disappointed.

He would rather have a full steel MG34. For the high purchase price I would have liked steel. There are other things I miss. To this later. Continue with the bodycheck. the MG34 consists of 90% metal.

Most of it is aluminium. Some parts are steel. The rest is real wood (stock) and plastic (grip). The surface I like very well. Black with matt elements. The metal has a structure which suggests it is steel.

Well done RWA. The quality of the processing is very high. Everything fits perfectly together. A point of criticism: the front is wobbly. It has not been worked clean. The front part is screwed and secured by a steel clamp.

But the clamp is too weak. Furthermore, it can not be completely screwed. The parts no longer fit. Thumbs down RWA! The rest of the MG34 is however super built. Now some data for you of the RWA MG34 (please see data table) Let’s see what the chrono say.

. Due to the German law: a full auto airsoft must be under 0.5 joules (max 10% +) The chrono is finished and there are two surprises. The ROF ist about 980 RPM and the power is still on the limit of the german law.

The permissible tolerance is in germany is 10%.The average after 10 shots must not over 0,55 Joule and no shot allowed over 0,6Joule. So everything OK. My Chrono is of course not calibrated. But I think it moves in the limit.

I hope That is the end of the german law lession. Let’s take a close look of the MG34. i start with the flashhider


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