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Roof Top Sniper In Abandoned Military Camp | SilverBack SRS A1 | Airsoft Gameplay

Roof Top Sniper In Abandoned Military Camp | SilverBack SRS A1 | Airsoft Gameplay

Good Morning Taoyuan, Taiwan-Sharon Miss Mouth Shake partner The abandoned barracks should be an anti-gun (air) position My SRS A1 16-inch compact version SRS guns got together accidentally G19X is beautiful, performance is nothing Two days of game content First day of annihilation Be careful, the house can be hit The bottom line on both sides is exactly 100 meters Almost My roof buddy -The window after the door – it is good -Be careful with the roof Doorway, sweep the doorway -I’m not sure if I can fight or not -I’m not sure if I can fight or not-just don’t let them out -What about the one on the right? -What about the one on the right? -That’s dead -Take care of the door -You take care of the door-I take care of your other side -It’s too windy The wind is strong and the distance is close to 100 meters, it is really hard to beat #受射#-He is shooting me #受射#-He is shooting me-Suppress him Suppress him -I want to change the bullet Radio-“There is one on the roof” – Keep going hair? Flying with the wind -Yes, this way.

-Yes, this way. -He dare not come out. The roof friend suppressed well Let me have some time to try to deal with the enemies far away -Killed My roof buddy is gone #受射# You eliminated my partner You have to pay -One more on the roof -Here you are, I will clip it from the left Stay in the shadows, less likely to be spotted The crosswind blows my trajectory to the right Seems to be emptied Victory at the end of the first game The second annihilation battle (the second day) #Hear the enemy movement# Has it been hit yet? Sorry sorry.

The T-shirt that came here on the first day was cold, but it didn’t cover my neck The gun strap will always rub the skin of the neck Change to this one this day Comfortable! Sad, the ballistic camera is crooked, only the wall is photographed Shake your partner to provoke (≧▽≦) Wave your hand -Comfortable Team members-“Has the opposing sniper killed?” -Destroyed.

Destroyed.」 -Sniper knocked out #Heard footsteps# (I go upstairs) Safety! Victory at the end of the second game (the second day) The third battle of annihilation -Hit it I can’t see anything here -Knock one out Teammate-there is one more -I can’t see him -Below the middle of the tree -Right, right! blue? teammate? -Are you blue? -This is a blue RRRR -wwww bad situation bad situation -I thought the blue team ignored you XD Third victory Fourth annihilation battle -Brother Quan, don’t come out 😀 -I go to the right -Good shot! -The bottom line is no one? -Chong Hello~~~ -Excellent! Keep up! -At 11 o’clock, next to the tree -He thought it was his teammate (Yeah, you are killed in battle~^_−☆) (You can come down and mess with it) Confirm whether the area is safe Change position # Suffering shooting# A rifle suppressed our right side Gesturing to distant teammates (Call for bullet support) -Suppress from the front -He is pressing here -Can rush him -Brother Quan, I’ve been Keep your feet light, don’t startle The fourth whistle is over The fifth pistol annihilation battle (restricted on the right side of the field) -Three Enter the resurrection from anywhere on the outside of the battlefield -You are so bad -You are so bad-I want to say -You are so bad-I want to say-Forget about the resurrection resurrection -Woooo, I’m dead, I’m dead -I haven’t hit yet~ I haven’t hit yet -Killed -I’m tired, go so far -Shaking partner has killed me twice -Are you sure you are good partners? -Are you sure you are good partners? -How can you do this to me! ? -Do I have to walk to the end? intermediate.

. -Do I have to walk to the end? In the middle…-No, as long as you walk around, you can be happy anywhere resurrection -Who hit me? -Where is R? -Are you still there? (Shaking partner) -I didn’t fire a shot! Has been killed by Shaosha’s partner for three consecutive times.

.. Walked to weariness resurrection #From Friendly Attack# – you again! You are still there! ? -Four times, all of them were beaten by you Once resurrected, all memories are cleared


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