Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to discover something new that has been transmitted to us by our partner G & G armament. This replica is one of the latest innovations to their range of ETU replicas This is the RK74 E equipped with ETU technology.

This product is available in 3 versions: The RK 74 CQB, Release Version E and T. What do we find in the package? The well maintained in its reply polystyrene housing, Mag MID CAP 115 BBS, a swab, a sight adjustment tool, its user manual, stickers for mag and a G & G catalog.

VISUAL DETAIL Now to the exterior design of this RK74 E. I was madly fall in love with the ETU Rk104 few months ago in review but I must say that this new model still fills my expectations a bit more on a replica of this type.

So we start on a basic RK74 extensively modernized and revamped, it is not his stick, its rails and tactical handguard block KEYMOD that allow it to have a visual and functional advantage over other AK and RK market.

An aggressive look and very oriented contractor as I love his line was not grossly increased but adjusted perfectly to get a replica fluid while giving the feeling of solidity. This replica weighs 2980 grams for 810 mm to 900 mm unfolded STOCK.

DETAIL EXTERNAL Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a metal sound amplifier mounted in threaded 14 mm anti-clockwise to mount all your accessories compatible with a silencer which is a very good surprise.

The big plus of this replica is its hand guard kit version keymod aluminum anodized CNC opening soon in two parts with fast lock, you can install your dual stick-type battery 11.1v lipo as advised by G & G.

This KEYMOD offers three areas to add your additional Rails and in several positions but also a Picatinny top rail. Two metal sighting system whose adjustable front sight with the tool provided in the package.

His rocking covers cylinder head and body are made of metal giving really trust on the strength, general paint gives a matt and slightly grainy. Covers the tilting yoke also provides a Picatinny rail 205 mm for installation of a sighting device.

One can realize the virtual absence of markings obsolete. It then discovers the usual elements as the fire selector changed for better responsiveness to the finger, the magazine eject button and also ambidextrous dummy ambidextrous cocking lever but relatively well done and gives a beautiful sound when in use, it will provide access to hopup setting.

Then his grip ergonomic polymer fits perfectly into the hand. A metal tube stock also receiving a fastener strap metal positioned left or right handed. Its stock M4 typical crane with its rubber heel, it is adjustable and locking system will prevent any maladjustment during the game, there are also housing for battery.

Then ends with his MAG Polymer MID CAP 150 BBS that you can decorate with stickers imitating a full magazines of ammunition. INTERNAL DETAIL Now for the internal characteristics: This replica receives a gearbox version V3: – Engine HIGH SPEED 25000 RPM – The metal gears – a bearing on spring Guide – A piston polymer metal teeth – An aluminum piston head – a metal cylinder head – A brass cylinder – Bearings 8mm – The Electronic Trigger Unit or simply ETU and MOSFET.

ETU is in GEARBOX instead of the usual SWITCH and the mosfet is in the body She receives an inner barrel 6.03 357 mm mounted on standard metal hopup block. It is advised by G & G to use a battery 11.1v lipo on this replica.

ELECTRONIC TRIGGER UNIT What is the ETU? It will serve to increase the responsiveness of your shots by an electronic switch, replacing the carriage switch coupled to MOSFET this will allow you to adjust your shots in FULL AUTO mode or BBS BURST 3 very quickly.

How it makes you this operation? It’s very simple, you plug your battery then you position fire selector on semi and you keep pressing 10 seconds on the trigger, the programming is complete. Place in FULL AUTO mode and you’ll be BBS BURST 3 mode, and if you want to go self FULL you need only repeat.

CHRONY TEST LIPO 11.1V / 0.20 GR BBS TARGET TEST 20 METERS LIPO 11.1V / 0.25 GR BBS We pass the test on target 20 meters in 0.25 gr bbs, 11.1v lipo battery (installed in a NPEQ) FULL AUTO test Getting burst fashion BBS 3 (semi fire selector and press 10 seconds and release, put in FULL and you have the fashion BBS BURST 3 Repeat the operation, and you will find the full mode The firing results on target almost all the BBS have reached the target of 20 cms diameter 20 meters.

TARGET TEST 50 METERS LIPO 11.1V / 0.25 GR BBS We pass the test on target 50 meters in 0.25 gr BBS Test the full mode Test the burst mode 3 BBS At 50 meters, bbs 0.25gr all BBS reach the target, it’s a really efficient result for this replica.

NEGATIVE POINTS AND POSITIVE Negative: The housing too small to store a battery but given the choice of battery on the market you will find the ideal size battery or install a NPEQ Positive: look fabulous and well finished, with a gearbox ETU and mosfet entirely satisfactory on its operation and responsiveness, and burst mode 3 bbs shooting performance and very nice precision and the possibility of a silencer mounted 14 mm anti-clockwise Here is the review of the RK74 E ETU at G & G armament complete.

You can find this product in all shops G & G retailers soon. Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW and our G & G Armament partner in the video description. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! See you soon! BYE BYE


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