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(Review) WA Colt M45A1 CQB Pistol Airsoft GBB

(Review) WA Colt M45A1 CQB Pistol Airsoft GBB

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I will talk you about a handgun replica. It is a model of the brand Western Arms and it’s a copy of the new Colt M45A1 CQB Pistol, which can be seen on the side of the box.

It comes in a rather plain cardboard box bearing the letters SCW for “Shibuya Custom Work.” If I don’t say stupidity, it is the system owner of WA, like for example System7Two from KSC. You should definitely know it with the name “Magna Blowback”.

Inside, there is the replica, a magazine and a plastic Bushing Wrench … sorry for my pronunciation. There is also a catalog of products WA, a user manual, some targets and BBs package. They are no longer in the box because I’ve already removed them.

On the history of this “weapon”, I said “weapon”, Google is your friend. I would just say in summary way, without going into too much detail, that this M45A1 CQB Pistol is an evolution of aging but popular M45 MEU (SOC) Pistol.

It is used among others to MARSOC, MEU, Reconnaissance Battalion, etc … I have no exhaustive list. So back to this replica ! Already, you should know that it is quite difficult to obtain it. We must directly buying it at Western Arms in Japan to be able to afford it.

It will cost 38,400 yens for the gun, or about 300 euros and 6,000 yens per extra charger, or 45 euros. Note that there are two versions of this replica : the first in my possession, I would call the standard model.

The other is a “Marines” custom. I’m giving it that name, with wear and squad identification, and here are the pictures. So you see the differences. The replica, which is the external ABS – Japanese replica – weighs 718 grams without mag.

Each chargers weigh 185 grams. About the appearance, the M45A1 is a real success : exemplary finish, no trace of molding, all is solid. Love or hate those Grips but the fact is that they are compliant with the original model.

All markings are realistic, except for the small ASGK which is on the right side between security and the Grip. All these markings are well made, including one on the ejection port, the most beautiful effect.

The replica is equipped with simple Novak 3 points type sight… understand that it is not those in Tritium. At the major differences in appearance with the original model, we can see that the markings are not painted black.

I am looking to my side how to do it… to do it properly. There is also found safety switch and picatinny rail that quite different from the original model. For the rest, the replica is broadly the same.

Because we talk about it, picatinny rail can receiving any type of Picatinny rail compatible accessory. For me, this will be the Surefire X300 Ultra, like this Marines … … With the final rendering very pleasant and an accessory easy to use.

Disassembly of the cylinder head and the lack of an adjustment key confirms a fixed Hop-Up. Here is a view of the different components. Normally, we have here an Inner Barrel of 6.03, WA rule. Now, that magazine.

He is black with “Wilson Combat” heels. Because of this, and of their design, it is necessary to have an extension of gas charging valve, here brass. This is the first time I meet this problem, which is common with bottles at Cybergun and at Abbey.

And when I try to charge without this little accessory, I can’t. It’s one thing to know. So this magazine contain 22 BBs and like his ancestor in Marui, the MEU that I have in my possession, do not expect to shoot all the BBs ! With a load Predator Ultra Gas, by mild temperatures of 18-19 °, I shoot up to 17 balls.

Not more. Last thing I wanted to say that, as for the MGS3 Snake Custom 1911 of my Khan-Seb friend, this model of WA, one does not “Power Stroke” on this replica. The “Power Stroke”, drawing on it… it must.

Well no. No “Power Strokage”. Bad … or not ! At the end, the test of FPS with an Chrony Madbull V2.1. Here, I use Abbey Predator Ultra Gas and Tokyo Marui 0.20.


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