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Review + Sorteo | ADC Bodyguard de Evolution Airsoft


Wassup Enestesio! Wassup Tomás As fast you’re coming and you’re already late Traffic was horrible What an excuse Take a sit… Look at the orchard! This: PAPRIKA! Good Paprika I have to explain you something… What is it? Do you remember that dumbass… …we met at the field… …bouncing around like an idiot… …with the plastic gun? CARBONTECH! Carbontech The carbontech dickhead. I just bought something… (What is it?) …that will trip your balls. Amazing I’m awaiting the delivery guy. Let’s wait for him. 10 mikes. We’ll wait here by the orchard. (fat snoring) It was taking you so long… Not “pronto”, it has taken you a week to deliver. (AH?) I was here waiting. Look! It finally arrived. Let’s take a look, shall we? What do you say? In perfect Italian: “Scusami la tardanza pero la autostrada era muy muy concurrida.” OKAY “Questa replica…” “…de mi amichi di ADC.” “Recensito di recente dal mio amico Cristiano” “Buon amico, buon amico,” “Chao amici!” He’s leaving through the back door. What’s this? Check this out Imported from Italy Look at this beauty Not cheap plastic Not plastic, full metal! Good stuff I just had an idea! Let’s do like in the old times! And crawl our asses around Let’s go! Alright! (Tío la vara intensifies) (da hood intensifies) (tactical rednecks) Hey Tomás! What if……take the gun now… …and chrono test it. We should put a battery on and see how it shoots. Let’s check it out. We are going semi-auto. Pew Pew, pew, pew. Not bad. Autonomic (yes, he said autonomic) Short bursts Super-duper That’s how I like it (winding hi-cap magazine) Tested with a 7’4v Lipo battery (Hold it a little bit longer) Ok, boys. What do you think about the scooter? A dumbnut on wheels. LOL Now, seriously. What do you guys think about the gun? I think it’s very good I’m not into short rifles, tho. We are talking about an Evolution Airsoft AEG… …with ADC licensed trademarks. ADC is an Italian real firearm manufacturer… …where ADC stands for… …Armi Dallera Custom, exactly. It’s fully licensed, right? Yup. I think so. The stainless steel pieces like… …the flash hider… …looks like it’s made by ADC itself. And later adapted to the airsoft gun… …by adapting the barrel thread.But it’s still stainless steel and looks handcrafted by ADC. Also, all of the markings… …in the body… …RIS… …and trigger guard… …are made according ADC specifications. These are laser
engraved markings. In this case, they are so, because ADC makes theirs like that. It’s not that they’ve done it for airsoft. They use laser engravings in their firearms. So this is an exact replica of what they’d done on their guns. Just to make it clear. This is like a real one. It’s full metal, very heavy. A lot. For it’s size, a lot. Do you like that? Absolutely. It’s another plus to the sturdiness of the gun. Shake it up, Rubén.It’s just the stock. It has no slack. It’s a rock. The buffer tube comes with a cover. So water or dirt doesn’t come in. It’s not the average cover. This is heavy duty. It’s not easy to open. It has a vertical screw… …and the cover is made of steel. You have to take out the stock first. It’s quite big. Easily less than a cm. It’s about 7 or 8 mm We are talking here… Water won’t penetrate, your battery will stay in. Not the average cover. Something important is that the Allen key is included. So you can open it. Imagine going to the field without your key… …and nobody has one. We talked this before… …Evolution manufactures a product……which is always game ready. You can take it out of the box and play. We never had the surprise of… …finding the gun overpowered… …or that it lacks something to play. If you have your battery with you tamiya plug… …you can go to the field and start playing. You can use the hicap magazine… …which not everybody enjoys… …but there you have it. It comes… …Lipo ready. And Nimh batteries as well. Take it out of the box… …chrono test, and play. And you can be confident that there will be no surprises. No mechanical failures… It is factory tested. With a quality certificate signed by the operator. In this case… …greetings to Cristiano… Cristiano you’re the best. The gun is perfect! Very smooth. We don’t know who you are but we know you’re a wonderful person. Ay mi madre el bicho! 320 FPS! About the externals… …the bolt catch is fully working. Rock solid. Spam time. Do it. DO IT.It’s the noise… and the power. Finishing on the externals… …you have this iron sights here. Very good sights. Stainless steel. Troy Industries inspired. They’re very cool, work perfectly. Very easy to aim with. Very easy to aim with. Talking about smooth, Héctor… …we found the selector switch was maybe… …a little loose. For our taste… …the selector switch is too easy to operate. To say something,
but it’s something… …personal of every shooter. We like them to operate a little harder. It’s just to prevent possible involuntary switches. Let’s talk through the internals. We have a metallic gearbox here. Reinforced Reinforced piston. Ball bearings… …7mm ball bearings. What you see in the list above.Another proof that these guns won’t fail. Also has a metal hop-up chamber. Not your average lateral regulation. It has this tiny wheel. I prefer this. It’s one of the upgrades from the other series we have seen before. This one has the metal hop-up. I find it very appropriate. Another plus on quality. What else? Does it have the quick motor change cover? Nope You missed there! I was asking! It’s the average cover on the bottom of the grip. Some people didn’t like it. Yeah, there were some people that didn’t like it… …they said it was weak… Now they can’t complain. It’s not a big deal. You have to choose. Put on a scale and decide. What I liked the most… …was the sound… …Hearing the BBs crackling out of the barrel.I don’t know if it’s because of the flash hider. Short barrelled AEG tend to do that sound… …like a “CLACK”. And also the shooting was very smooth. It was about 20m (65ft) If it’s like the other Evolution AEGs… … I believe it can do 35m (114ft). Guaranteed. It’s not that powerful to arrive to 50m (164ft)… …as in the previous review… It’s shooting at 320fps… The other ones where a little more powerful.340-345fps. They were a little bit tighter. But, the hop chamber was different. We always say that 350fps is a limit, not a goal… Exactly, not a goal. There are people obsessed with achieving 350fps. That’s not necessary. What you need is good compression, a hop that actually works… so that the BBs fly properly. It also comes with a spare M120 spring. It comes with two different springs. But in this case it wasn’t necessary. For the requirements here in Spain, it was perfect. Perfect to play with. I wouldn’t use the spare one. It can be just this particular model. The other two were shooting at higher power. So, time to raffle? OK, let’s do it. This one’s more expensive. It’s a pity since we love the markings. We got it some kind of a fondness here. Before making the video we talked about doing something different. The way of raffling it. You will have to answer a question… …Luiska is about to ask. The question is: What kind of ammunition is
Instructor EVO using in this video? What makes a difference? If you answer correctly in the comments section…(You will have to look close) …you’ll enter the contest. This gun is between 370 to 380€. More or less. Exclusive. I have never seen one before. Me neither. It can be kind of a new model- So if you answer correctly… …you will enter the contest. Also, share the video… …like and subscribe. It helps a lot. Do you want to add something? Remember the question: What kind of ammunition is Instructor EVO carrying on his vest? Very easy. Answer in the comment section… …and tell us what you think. “We liked it!” “you suck” Whatever. Not whatever! We are very sensitive. Everything with respect. Be constructive. So, greetings to everyone. Thanks for watching.Hope you liked it. Hope you liked it. See you in the next video. Did you see that? I did a transition. Never recorded before. Random redneck shit talking. Fast & Furious 8 I wanted to push you out of the chair… …but you would stomp the tree. Don’t look at me. What are we going to do with your moustache? We can’t he put it on after he arrives? It keeps falling.I’m waiting the delivery guy. How long will take him? 10 minutes Just perfect. Snoring like Snorlax. Just on time. Has he arrived yet? Damm it. What happened? Fucking moustache, man. It won’t stick. Two numbnuts. Action PRONTO! Questo good pepperoni. (Italian gestures) Tutto italiano. I’ll give a plate o pasta. I lost the moustache! Glop, glop, glop, glop. .


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