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Review | Nuke Grenade | Airsoft Development Group


Teammate : Grenade ! Teammate : Okay. She did not explode. Teammate : Grenade ! Me : Do we have grenades that work ? Teammate : Thank you for gas leaks ! Teammate : That’s the third one. Me : Grenade ! Teammate : Still not… Hi everybody ! Today I’m going to talk you about this new airsoft grenade. It is called “Nuke Grenade”. It is a product of “Airsoft Development Group” brand. We’ll open the box and first thing : “Read The Manual”. Except that it is not contained in the box. It does not matter but I wanted to point it out. This grenade allows us to no longer use gas. As you can see here, it uses springs. And we have three spring compartments. You can insert 144 bbs according to the manufacturer’s info. On other sites, I could read 130 or 150 bbs. I would not do the test, but it gives you an idea of ??the total capacity. It is made of plastic. It seems to me to be of good quality. This gives the impression of being solid even if it would have to be tested in real conditions on the ground. Either way, it’s made of plastic like 90% of airsoft grenades. It does not use gas, however, it uses muscles …… and in this case, it will be yours. We’ll start to show how it works. Before pushing these yellow trays, you must activate the mechanism and align these two holes. There must be a lot of pressure on that part. And here you have an ergot that allows you to turn it. We push hard. It’s simpler like this. Then you turn it and lock it. It’s a habit to take. I do not know if it is the mechanism of the grenade that is new, but you really have to push very hard. The grenade is thus secured. Now you have to activate these yellow plates. This is where the bbs will be placed. It is a technique to be taken. Here you have the black hooks and there the yellow hooks.We push them. They are locked and the doors are closed. Warning. It does not always work. There, that one is not properly aligned. You have to find the right method by exercising. You know it right away when the doors are not aligned properly. There, the grenade is ready to be used. One thing I would do afterwards … Not seeing the usefulness of that part, which partially blocks the opening of the doors, I think I will cut it. This is a change I would make later. But I think it will be better. Everyone inserts the bbs through these three holes. I would tend to put them directly by hand before closing the doors. What made me hungry with the Tornado Impact was
to use a BB Loader. We have here the possibility of putting it more easily. Even if the final one does not put 150, it will always be simpler and faster. At the worst, you put fifty in each hole. They will not come out. We unpin the grenade and without hurting myself … That explodes. Perhaps the most perceptive of you will have noticed this and wondered what it was for ? In fact, that serves to use this.This is not provided with. I got 96 for 1.50 euros. This makes me to launch many grenade. This is completely useless and therefore indispensable. This is to get a “small” pyrotechnic effect. I do not know if you know that, but they are primers for cowboy revolvers for children. Simply cut one, install it on the grenade. When the grenade goes off, the bait will beat in here and make a small “bang”. I would finish this video by telling you that this grenade, you will find it at prices between 70 and 80 euros. There, for example, if you close it badly, it will work less well.It is bigger than a Cyclone. There is more here a size of Tornado. You will find pockets that go well. The only negative point is a concern about these doors. I hope that in use, or wear and tear, they will not break. And if not, I hope we will have spare parts. You will see it when you have one in your hands. It’s solid but… It’s a piece that worries me a bit. For the rest, I did a lot of throwing.It works very well. More gas problem: Wowow ! I only have to use it in part of airsoft. I would try to make videos in slow motion comparative with the cyclone. .


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