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Review – IOF .30-06 Sporting Rifle – English Subtitles – Safety, Specification, Cartridge, etc.


Hello friends. My name is Vikramaditya Singh. This is my… new… .30-06 Sporting Rifle manufactured by Indian Ordinance Factory. Today… at this beautiful place… we will… learn about this very powerful rifle. I have recently bought this rifle… so… If I commit any mistake… please forgive me. Friends… this rifle… first of all I’ll show you the cartridge used in it… so that you can have the idea. As you can see here, Thirty Zero Six Springfield. This is a very powerful rifle (*mistake)… Cartridge.There is a… Springfield Armory… in US, in United States of America… it was designed there… in 1906. Its… caliber…which is… the diameter of gun’s barrel (*mistake)… inner diameter… is called Caliber. Its caliber is 30 caliber. In metric units… if we calculate, its 7.62 (mm, millimeter). which is the same caliber of… of AK47’s rounds… SLR (Self Loading Rifle or FN FAL)… LMG (Light Machine Gun or Bren L4)… and MMG (Medium Machine Gun or FN MAG)… and Dragunov Sniper Rifle used by US Army (*mistake)… Indian Army and Russian Army. Its is a versatile caliber. But this particular cartridge is very different from others.Its specification in metric units is 7.62 (mm, millimeter), that is the caliber, diameter of the bullet. And the total length (*mistake* I am talking about the length of the Case) is 63 mm. Its a big round. And… total length is 63 mm (*mistake* I am talking about the length of the Case). It has lots of gunpowder. This specific round, which I have… is PPU, Prvi Partizan is a Serbian Company, it is manufactured there. This cartridge is 19 grain (*mistake* its actually 190 grain) its equal to 12.3 grams Made in Serbia and of high quality. And… now you can have an idea… how much this rifle… is powerful. Right now… we will not put the cartridge in to the chamber.Friends, first of all… if you a gun in your hands, you should find out about the Safety Swtich. So that it fires only when you want to fire, and when you do not want to fire its trigger should be locked. Friends right now the Safety is ON. This button is the Safety button. When safety is ON, this is pushed in, like this. And here, because the Safety is ON, that is why this portion in pulled out. To switch Off the Safety, so that we can pull the trigger and use Bolt Action, Right now the Bolt is Locked because the Safety is On.We will push this button. Like this. You can see, as
I pushed this button, this upper portion will come out. Now as the safety is Off… the bolt will come out. The bolt is coming out and whole action is happening. I recently researched and got to know that we should not do Dry Fire because… the firing pin is made up on very… soft metal, and dry fire can get damaged. So this is the way to unload the hammer. The Riflescope installed on it is of low magnification. This is Nikon’s P223. It is a good scope and has high clarity. Its lens have high quality. But… this specific… riflescope is… designed for AR15 manufactured in America, which is original model of M4 Carbine and M16 rifles, which uses the round 5.56 x 45 mm NATO. And it is available on Amazon in India, so I bought this as my first Riflescope. Its scope rings are also available online in India, they are easily available and it has 1 inch tube. Turrets are also good. As you can see, if you can zoom in, its inscribed here… .223 AR Which is Imperial measurement for 5.56 mm..223 Inch is equal to 5.56 millimeter. For AR, Assault Rifle Fifteen (*mistake* AR15 stands for Armalite Model 15), but it is available here. Brothers, a good thing about this is… that the Mounting Rail (11mm) is made available. Manufactured by Indian Ordinance Factory, 315, .315 Sporting Rifle or 8 mm caliber rifle, does not have this Rail but this rifle has it. Another good thing about this rifle is, that this rifle is a copy of… Sauer… an European Company, which also manufactures Sig Sauer Pistols, Sauer… This rifle is copy of Sauer 202 If you research the YouTube and the internet about Sauer 202, you will be able to learn about this rifle too. Sauer 202 is fine weapon but there is a possibility that there might be some shortcomings in copying, as a copy is after a copy. So, the rifle is good. Those people… are interested in self defence and shooting, they must acquire this rifle.Let me remind about avoiding dry fire. Its construction is very good. The butt stock is good. The quality of wood is good. (*Its Walnut Wood/ अखरोट की लकड़ी*) One thing which came through my mind, one shortcoming that I experienced is… the Sling Studs… Rear stud is OK. But the front end stud is placed backward. It must be somewhere in front. The quality of barrel is very good. Rifle is also clear. Front iron sights and rear iron sights… are good. It has the ranging from 100 to 450 meters There is a
button here. .


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