Home Airsoft Reviews REVIEW ICS ARK: Die beste OOTB Airsoft? (ENG SUB)

REVIEW ICS ARK: Die beste OOTB Airsoft? (ENG SUB)

REVIEW ICS ARK: Die beste OOTB Airsoft? (ENG SUB)

Hey folks, today no AR15 but an ARK from ICS updated by Begadi and now let’s get started. Thanks goes out to Begadi for providing the weapon. That thing was a lot of fun. Scope of delivery So now you have ordered from Begadi and you will get this huge box from ICS.

Let’s open it right away and don’t linger long at the box. Shot statistics are as usual. Then here is a small catalog of what ICS has for weapons. Then instead of the operating instructions there is only this small card with a QR code.

You simply scan that and then you have it there. And really cool … Do you know what is really cool like and leave a subscription. … a small ARK patch in olive. And because it’s so cool I’ll put it on here right away.

Away with that and on with the patch. Then you have such a strange piece of junk here. Then the ARK itself with such a small protective thing ICS typical. A barrel cleaning rod, not bad either. The magazine which holds 30 to 50 rounds.

A small front sight tool to adjust, we’ll get to that later. A small Allen key to adjust the magazine. A few safety devices which are guaranteed to no longer make sense, as Begadi must have removed them.

An ICS thing that was attached to the weapon and that’s it for the scope of delivery. Hey guys, don’t forget, at the end there is the give-away and now it goes on with the video. (Germany only) First impression and workmanship Now you’ve seen what’s included.

And now you unpack the gun, at least it’s the first thing I always do before I check what else is there. And the very first thing you notice is that the thing is really heavy. It’s just really really heavy.

And this makes it look extremely high-quality and robust. It cannot be twisted anywhere and it feels like it is made out of a single piece. Something negative I noticed immediately and that is this part wobbles.

So that struck me as soon as I took it out and I didn’t really like it. Okay, this can happen, but otherwise just great. The body is made of steel, then some parts are made of die-cast zinc. Here in front the flash hider is again made of steel.

The plastic is extremely high quality. There are other fiber-reinforced plastics, but this one is even better. It’s just really awesome. It can only be squeezed very minimally … … and I have the feeling if you were to drive over here with a car that it would be able to take it.

But we are used to that from ICS that the workmanship on the outside is simply great. Let’s start at the beginning as usual. The flash hider is made of steel. It is screwed on via a 14mm CCW thread. And it’s secured here with this little pin and down here with a grub screw.

You could unscrew and screw on a silencer or tracer. We come to the gas port and the front sight carrier. The part is made of die-cast zinc. But it’s still very high quality and made a bit stylish here.

Doesn’t really make sense now. The front sight can be adjusted using the tool supplied. It’s a bit very difficult to get in here. Then you have to push this little button here and then you can basically screw the whole thing up and down.

Until the button comes out and it’s done. You will probably not adjust anyway because you screw a RedDot on it at the back. That’s a common thing to do. This whole block, which is probably the gas assembly, and this top cap.

We already mentioned that before, unfortunately it wobbles. It’s really annoying. As a result, these M-LOK positions are probably just pointless up here. Because you don’t need to screw a RedDot onto such a wobbly part here.

I can imagine if you just make this spring stronger up here… …and maybe stick something under this lever…. …that you then maybe get rid of the wobbling a bit. Because these are the parts where it doesn’t really fit the whole thing.

The lower handle is well made. Nothing wobbles here either, it’s just super tight. Down here is a Picatinny rail for lamps or something similar. Can’t do that in Germany, of course. Or a front grip if you really want to reach far ahead.

On the side you have M-LOK positions, shown here again by the small M. Yes for lamp dummies or something else, so that the whole thing looks a little better. Then we have this block here. Probably the gas block because I don’t know exactly what it’s called.

It is made of die-cast zinc. Here is the lever to disassemble the whole thing and the hinge for the upper dust cover. Let’s move on to the charging handle. It runs nice and clean in here. Underneath, of course, is the HopUp as is usual.

And in connection with the fire selector lever you can lock the whole thing here. And then, so to speak, can adjust the HopUp. The whole thing doesn’t work hundred percent. Because I set my HopUp and then to shoot I have to release the whole thing again.

Because otherwise no shot will go of. Okay, it is of course easier to solve with the AR15 with the BoltCatch. You just have to push it up again, and that’s not as perfect as with the AR15. Up here we have the rear sight.

You can actually save yourself, because with the Picatinny rail you put a RedDot on it anyway. It certainly looks a lot better when there is a nice, fat RedDot on it. The dust cover is made of metal. Can be opened here at the back using this little switch.

Here you have the fake bolt carrier group and everything. Is not important for us now because we don’t dismantle the weapons anyway. That’s why we’re closing the whole thing again. Let’s come back to the fire selector lever.

It’s very heavy. It has these two noses here that you can set with your index finger. But that’s really damn difficult. Well, I suppose now if you play it for a while then everything goes softer. But that’s really hard, it’s easier that way.

Doesn’t click into place all that well. So you override that very quickly. But I can’t imagine, that this is a big problem when playing. You just have it down and it’s good. Or just closed to secure the whole thing.

And as you can see here of course… …this ball that is built in here and slips into these grooves, of course, it scratches the paintwork really badly. Since it is actually the case with every AK model, I would not necessarily take it as a negative.

It’s just like that, my God. You also play the thing and don’t hang it on the wall. And when you hang it on the wall, you don’t have to keep operating this lever. Let’s move on to the magazine release lever.

The magazine goes in very cleanly. Just wobbles a little. But I don’t think that’s problematic and I can easily get it out again via the release lever. We’ll come back to the magazine later. Due to this structure, the pistol grip is very easy to grip and is made of the same high-quality plastic as the other plastic parts.

Then we have a trigger, but we’ll get to that later. On the other side we have an swivel for a one point sling. It’s made of steel and unfortunately it’s pretty much the only way to attach a sling. Why? I’ll show you right away.

Last but not least, we have the shoulder rest. And that is basically just a recycled shoulder rest of the CXP APE. Here you can adjust the length in 6 positions. Then have a small viewing window here to see what position you are in.

And 5 positions in height. It’s also a bit marked here. But unfortunately it’s not as good as it looks. The whole thing is really great in this and that direction. Not in the other direction. It just goes up the whole thing with almost no resistance.

So if you have the part hanging on a one point sling and you have a plate carrier on … … then it will probably just keep going up and down here. Really annoying. And this one can easily be done with almost no resistance.

Which of course makes this sling swivel, as I just said just now, just totally useless and pointless. Because what kind of sling do you want to hang in here when the thing hangs so loosely inside. The shaft can also be folded in by simply pushing this button in here and simply flipping the whole thing around.

Unfortunately there is no position here where the whole thing is locked properly. Rather, the entire shaft is held in place by a spring that sits up here. But there is not much pressure on it, so it can wobble a bit.

Playing with the stock folded in is almost impossible because you can’t really get to the trigger. You have so little space here, even if you take it off here, I don’t think there is really any space.

It’s just not enough and I have very narrow fingers. It’s probably just meant for transportation. Holds a little but not really. Let’s fold it up again. Finally we have a rubberized butt plate. It’s nice and soft, what more could you want.

I totally forgot. I still have an idea how to fix the problem with the shaft. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out, but I can tell you my idea. So, of course, it holds forward here because the whole edge is straight here.

And here it is nicely beveled so that it slips backwards. Without having to operate this lever here. If you are filing straight down here with a file, so to speak … … this nose that goes into this hole.

This gets stuck and does not simply drive over the slope. Then you could have simply fixed the problem if the nose clicks into place. It could be that the stock wobbles back and forth a bit more because there is more space in the holes.

But I think that it just doesn’t go backwards by itself. If anyone of you has already tried this, please write it in the comments below. Because we’re giving the gun back to Begadi. We can’t work on it now because it’s not ours.

The markings. Here we have CXP-ARK, the F in the pentagon and Begadi. Then this CXP angel. There’s probably a serial number up here, I guess. And something else, here the arrow, no idea what it’s good for.

It continues here. Here is the M-LOK M, that is at every position where M-LOK is installed. Then we have the pistol grip. It just says ICS Ergo Technology. Well, it’s a bit wide, I dare to doubt whether this is also Ergo for narrow hands.

My God they wanted to write something on it. Ye, then, as mentioned earlier, the rest positions are again. Let’s go to the bottom. Here is Airsoft Electric Gun. Then that the whole thing was manufactured at ICS in Taiwan.

On the side we have the full automatic and semi-automatic position. Magazine and compatibility The magazine is made of nylon and in this CXP design as it is for example on my AR15. Looks beautifully modern and therefore fits easily with the modern AK.

Here in front is metal to let it click in nicely. Back here you have the little nose for the magazine release. It’s a bit narrower than many other magazines, so compatibility here is a bit difficult. But Begadi wrote a list for the ARK with what fits and what you have to edit a bit to make it fit.

This magazine here has a long follower so that no BB’s fall down but it is fed to the last ball. And that is in any case quite good because a maximum of 50 BB’s fit in here. The whole thing is switchable, here via the Allen key that is supplied.

You put it in and then you sort of turn. From 30 to 50 shots. But unfortunately, when you get it, this magazine is totally covered in oil. So we got it and it was totally oily in there. And when these oily BB’s come on the HopUp, then of course the shooting performance just sucks.

Means knocking out the two pins here. Take the whole magazine apart, take out the spring and get it really clean. We’ll show you a few pictures to see what it looked like when we got it. And what it looked like after cleaning.

The problem that then presented itself is that the oil already had its purpose. I only got this spring in with great difficulty. Because this follower just doesn’t want to go around the curve down here.

If there is a lack of oil, this follower no longer wants to turn the curve. And that’s why we get a maximum of 35 rounds in this magazine, now that the oil is out. You push in here like a madman with the speedloader and it just doesn’t want to go around the curve.

That’s just bad. So I have to say for a gun that costs 600 euros, I think that’s really bad. Maybe you can get a shorter follower in there. I don’t know what happens if you cut it off, there will probably be problems I can imagine.

If you just put a shorter follower in here, it will probably work. Then the bullets fly out when you take out the magazine, but that’s how it is. Or you just buy another magazine. Maybe 120 or 150 shots fit in there, which is much easier to play anyway.

I didn’t find any of these magazines online, at least not in German shops. No replacement magazines found online. That means you have to get them somehow from America or something and they cost a mere 27 US dollars.

It’s almost given for a magazine that doesn’t work that well. So just take a look at Begadi’s list and order or edit something else. In the shot test you will probably see that 0.32g is fed extremely poorly.

That’s why we stopped at the weight and then stayed at 0.30g. Maybe the spring is too weak, maybe it’s the lack of oil, that we don’t know for sure. But 0.32g are simply fed in very poorly. By the way, if any of you know where to get these magazines in a German shop then write it down in the comments below.

Battery and response behavior There are two options for inserting the battery. The first is simply to pull the stock as far back as possible. Then press down this small sheet and pull off the stock. Then insert the battery, we now have an AMAX with 1200 mAh and 3 cells.

It also fits perfectly in the back here. Then just slide it in here … … plug it in … Then wait a second until the core has briefly vibrated. This is what the cables must be like. Close it. Now of course you have the problem that all the cables are in the back here.

And that’s why you can’t push the stock all the way forward, otherwise you’ll bend the cables. Now I’ll show you the second variant. To do this, just take this rubber cap off at the back. And you than have acces to the back here.

This works badly with this battery that I have to show you this variant with a different battery. So we do the whole thing again. I put the whole thing together again quickly. Cable through here. Now let’s get the cable out of here.

This is a typical AK battery, quite a long part. We can put it in here now, it doesn’t go any further. It’s exactly the same thing that you can no longer slide the stock completely in. Plug in the whole thing and wait a moment.

Now you can stow the cables down here. And then just put the rubber cap back on. Oh, this is where the balancer sits a little shit. That’s how it’s done. The problem, of course, is that there is not much space left here.

It’s now level 4 with this long battery that is now sitting somewhere here. You can extend it a bit more but that’s it. Now the battery is in, so let’s do the responsiveness right away. The weapon is of course extremely responsive due to the core.

Well there is nothing to complain about here, that’s just great. We put in a magazine, then the whole thing gets a bit dull. But ICS typical it’s already screeching a bit. It’s just like that. Now that’s done, we come to the shot test.

0.30g BIO BB’s HopUp set. With 0.20g without HopUp 1.8 joules. Distance 40 meters, 0.28g BIO BB’s, 10 shots, 1.5-5×20 rifle scope, laid flat, target 20×20 Range test 50 meters, 0.28g BIO BB’s 60 meters, 0.

28g BIO BB’s 65 meters, 0.28g BIO BB’s So 0.28g drops at 63-64 meters from the target. We are now trying 0.30g. 65 meters, 0.30g BIO BB’s Change to 0.32g because 0.30g ended at 69 meters. 70 meters, 0.

32g BIO BB’s, moderate wind, light overhop. 73 meters, 0.32g BIO BB’s, moderate wind, light overhop. Double shots. Shot test and range test done. Here you have seen, the thing is just plain crazy. So you can’t say anything else about it.

It’s just plain awesome. You saw in the recordings that it was a bit windy here. But still the range is just amazing. So here you don’t necessarily have to tune anymore, you can but you don’t have to.

Game day conclusion We come back to the tiresome topic of the game day conclusion. You know how it is, Corona keeps us all under control you have to say. If everything goes well, we can take the next weapons with us onto the field.

Then everything will practically be right. But unfortunately I can only tell you today what I always tell you, we just can’t go to any game days. That’s just the way it is, unfortunately. I would guess now, since the thing is really heavy, that you should have more muscles than me.

Because you definitely noticed it if you run around with it all day. But due to the range and the precision, the thing is extremely playable standard as it is. The only thing that can get really annoying on game day is the stock.

But you can most likely fix it. And the magazines. Ye what can I say you have already seen everything. It’s just the way it is. It’s best to buy something else with 120 rounds, then load the plate carrier and just wreak havoc with the thing.

Conclusion The shooting performance, the HopUp, the processing, the materials, the internals are positive. The tuning, i.e. the core and the tienly engine. And an extremely large number of attachment options.

The spring quick-change system is neutral, because unfortunately you can’t get there from the outside and you have to remove the gearbox for it. And the price. The thing is extremely expensive but easy to play out of the box.

The locking positions of the shaft are negative, the top hand cover wobbles and rattles extremely back and forth. And the magazines. There are very few shots in it and it is totally oily. The replacement is hard to come by, and compatibility isn’t great either.

So what is there to say about the ARK, that thing is just awesome. You can get a really cool gun for 600 euros. Absolutely awesome. Sure, two things are not really great, the magazine and the stock. You can probably fix the stock and you just buy other magazines.

Ok, the gun costs 600 euros and then you have to spend more money. That’s sadly how it is, bad luck really. For real AK enthusiasts, it’s probably not the one anyway. They’ll probably say: get away with this ugly thing, I want wood here.

I can fully understand that. But especially for people who are actually AR15 players and think: I want something different. It’s perfect for them. I think it’s super awesome as an AR15 player. I just think it’s pretty.

Really heavy really big, that’s why I wouldn’t get it personally. It’s also a little too long for me. I have an ICS CXP UK1 myself, it’s a bit smaller, a bit lighter, I personally think it’s nicer. This thing is quite a block.

Ye, as I said, just awesome. Now we are through with the gun and now comes the give-away. (Germany only) In today’s give-away we have the Begadi Basic Universal Holster in large. This is what the piece looks like.

With belt clip Which weapons fit in here is on the Begadi page. How can you take part in the give-away. Just write us an email to tnt-germany@gmx.de and please write in which weapon you would use the holster.

Participation is possible from the age of 14 and you must have a German address. When the give-away ends, we will now show you below. And the winner will be determined randomly. The winner will be notified by email.

You can find the conditions of participation in the video description below. Bye, Bye Outtakes Let’s start as (I don’t even know how to translate that…) (Again no idea how to translate…) Now it goes on with my Onlyfans channel.

It only costs 30 euros a month, but the content is just really awesome. But it’s also a little bit because of my big lance. Exactly just swipe up. And we’ll meet there. Do I still have to do this?. I don’t know, can we advertise on YouTube for OnlyFans and a channel that doesn’t exist? Finsch: I just told you I only have currywurst left.

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