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Speak cool guys? Today Airsoft Skills Review and Tips at GM Tactical brings the GBB Black Dragon 5.1 from WE, a Hi-Cover that is a machine. Recalling that our episodes are all made with products available from the sales catalog of the GM Tático store.

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Today is a review day and let’s thrash this GBB. Airsoft Skills is a concept egg in Airsoft. We’re together! Thanks! Welcome to the channel and today we will talk about the GBB model 1911 Black Dragon 5.

1 from WE. I will start by showing the pistol open so that you can see the detail of the slide. It comes with an alleviated compensator, insane, besides, it has the elongated silver barrel sample which gives a very robust look to the pistol.

The frame has the metal bolt and the grip with the texture made in polymer. Trailed at 20mm at the bottom, this GBB weighs approximately 920g and is 22cm long. With the WE markings this Hi-Capa comes with fiber optic grease and adjustable handle, hollow trigger and mag release on the left side.

Its operating system is green gas blowback, its trigger mode is semi automatic. It comes with an extended 5.1 Hi-cover magazine, with a capacity of 30 BBs. It has the silver dog with 2 stages and double safety lock, the handle lock that is located on the beaver tail and the bolt lock that is ambidextrous.

Detail, for you to perform the firing, with this GBB, the two locks must be released, that is, the grip handle and the bolt lock, only then will you be able to carry out the firing. For you to perform the hopup adjustment, first you have to remove the magazine and then remove the compensator, unscrewing this screw here, which I’m showing you in the close up.

With the Allen key that comes with the pistol. Well guys, I’m removing the screw to be able to remove the compensator. I removed the screw, now just remove the compensator. That done, the procedure for adjusting the hopup is the traditional one for all 1911.

I will pull the bolt back until it is in the first mark, which is the mark for adjusting the hopup. It’s positioned here, now all I have to do is remove the pin from the slide retainer. To remove the pin from the slide retainer, on the other side I will push it to make it easier.

I pushed, as you can see, and the slide retainer pin has already popped out. Now it’s easy, I take it off and then let the bolt slide. There, the slide is separated from the frame. This black disc here on the slide is the hopup dial, the operator will rotate it forward or backward, depending on the desired hopup setting.

To replace the slide is very simple, I will fit it on the frame rail until the position of the first mark, as you can see here, in this position I will fit the pin of the slide retainer. Important guys, when you attach the retaining pin, you place the retaining pin in the correct position .

.. I already fitted it, push until you hear this little click. There, you heard the click, the slide, it is already positioned. Because it is the Black Dragon, I have yet to add the compensator. It is the opposite process of withdrawal.

I will fit it here in the front and with the key and the screw I removed, I will fix it here. I already screwed the compensator and now the GBB is ready for use. Let’s check out this beauty with BB 0.

20 and for that, I already put on the Uvex glasses that are available here at the GM Tático store . Today I’m using the Genesis model, which has several lens colors. And if anyone has any questions on how to load or put green gas in your magazine, I strongly recommend you to watch the video of the GBB Review by John Wick that is on the card up here.

There I explain step by step how it should be done. I fed, fed, loaded. Now, we are going to shoot. First shot 324 FPS, second shot 315 FPS, third shot 316 FPS. As you could see, GBB was around 320 FPS and now we are going to the performance track with electronic targets.

For those who enjoy strong retreat this GBB is ideal. An important aspect is that the grip lock on the beaver tail, by itself, already causes the player to adopt a high grip that, together with other fundamentals, will add a lot of value to your shot.

And now it is a tip for you to save your GBB. At the first moment you’re going to remove her magazine, okay? Regarding the magazine, you will always keep it without BBs and with a little bit of green gas to keep the o-ring lubricated and a little bit tensioned.

It is also important to remove sand residue, soil that may have been left in the magazine with a brush or a cotton swab. For the 1911 pistol, you just used it, it fires without the magazine, so you release the dog’s spring.

The particular slide design of this GBB really draws a lot of attention. It is a pistol for you to buy and have fun for a long time, in fact Hi-covers have been sought after by players who use their GBBs a lot on the field.

Well guys, this was another Review and Tips from Airsoft Skills at GM Tático. I hope you enjoyed the information, enjoy subscribing to the Airsoft Skills and GM Tático channel , glue it on the website www.

gmtatico.com.br which is full of news. Now I will leave you with some images of the GBB 1911 Black Dragon 5.1 from WE for you to take any doubts in the visual. Airsoft Skills is the new concept in Airsoft.

We’re together! Thanks!


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