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Review Classic army 42 inch hardcase for airsoft

Review Classic army 42 inch hardcase for airsoft

hello guys today I will be reviewing my new box I am off I was after to one of these boxes for a while ago the best brand I think that makes replica gun cases from Pelican and so my opinion is this one is a classic army I do to its quality and the price tag I think it’s one of the best choices for who doesn’t want to spend the 300 plus on the rifle case this one is very nice so externally it’s made of high quality polymer you can see by the texture here everywhere is very very very nice you can make some pressure you can hear the hair going going out and going in but it’s it’s not meant to be – or going to war just for play game and protect my gear so this is this one is the 42 inch hard case it has one handle here another on the top as you can see in two wheels which is very handy it has four latches again on the bottom you can see it’s very very very high quality case not the Pelican but got it from one english supplier I can show you guys here don’t know if you can see pro airsoft supplies very fast shipping very well wrapped anyway pretty happy with the with this purchase so they are strong on hold opening and closing very nice on the inside you can see the hood or I don’t know the name but doesn’t wobble it’s very sturdy it has an o-ring here inside the this part here and it has this this foam you can take it off if you want and in put it in put the pick and pluck for four more so it’s your choice I usually place the max here to get some space and not cutting the flow with the foam because usually sometimes I take an m4 platform sometimes I take a tw5 or a shotgun so I prefer to keep the original foam the foam is very very high quality I like it very much 42 inch on length I will show you my gear here never mind the yellow ink is due my Portuguese country law by airsoft every gun needs to be like this can take pistol as well and you again the same law and you can have a more mags cylinder silencer if you want and extra barrel 4m 4m one length more legs there is multi-tool anyway lots of stuff here I made this review for you guys because when I was looking for a good quality rifle case I saw that these cases were very very good they have different sizes they have also same brand they also have the 36 in 32 inches I mean this review because when I was looking for it it was a very lack of information about this product which is very very very cool I prefer buying these than for example a plain ol case in terms of quality of the the polymer year this is one much better I know it’s an airsoft replica but is much better than a plain oh not as much not as good there’s a pelican I also have pelicans but this really does the job very good price and that’s pretty much it this was the reason why I made this review so you can see a bit more there is no review on YouTube about this this this case I think he deserves it in the that’s all this is a sticker I made for my brothel case some brands I like and my patch of my team it’s a rat airsoft portugal we also have a YouTube channel and Facebook page so I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you end if you have any any questions please click click down below and write the questions that you have if you want to subscribe I usually make more stuff about PTW murders and mods and so only on martyrs but I think I will be placing some reviews I think it’s nice to help some people out to choosing their products anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you have a nice day


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