Hamza : You got a grenade ? Hamza : She went off beautifully ! Hamza : Hi everyone and welcome back, Today’s special : the lastest grenade, from Airsoft Innovations, named “Cyclone Impact” Proud successor of the “Tornado Impact” ! Here’s the content of the box.

Of course there’s a grenade inside whit its pin and lever The user manual also contains a “how-to” for the care and use of the grenade I’ll show you during the video anyway There’s two patch included and 2 stickers to “customize” your grenade The stock one isn’t the kahki it was the blue.

It put this one on myself because it’s way less flashy. I got it in there a “Cyclone Resupply Kit”. It has spare parts, should you need one, and other stickers There’s a green and yellow, both flashy and this one I find it prettier once put on the ‘nade Now, for the functions and how it works It’s gaz-powered, and of course you have to load it up after every use As stated in its name “Cyclone Impact” for those who owned one, it’s based on the Tornado The gas goes off on impact and spray the BB’s around I’ll dismantle it now, and show you the internals, and how to reload it as wall as basic care To dismantle it, you have to pull the pin Just have tu push it to get clear of that little “safety” Pull Take off the lever too Unscrew the top part as well as the bottom one If you want, you can also take out the piston That’s where you put the gas by the way and it goes inside from there That part is the “main body” and as such, can be dismantled Those are the BB’s containers I’ll show you right after that When and if you put that back, be careful with the seals they should always be properly lubed oh and also, again in the lube part it’s advised to put 2 drops of lube after every throw, in the piston compartment The BB’s don’t need it, obviously For optimal use, one should go with lubed gas Once you’ve put the piston back in place I dismantled it only to show you, there’s no need to take it off everytime Push the piston from the top Drop the lube, check the seals, and put it back inside Then start from the top Here’s the top part, which is also the “switch” Here’s the impact “detector” When the impact frees it, it will poke the piston and off goes the gas It’s a very simple mechanism It’s mounted on springs You should see it here It’s on a little spring providing tension To arm it, it’s also simple For the Tornado owners there was a truckload of pieces and a pin Now there’s nothing remaining of that Push the spring part, with your hands or a hard surface Push it up then in front Just like that ! It’s now locked, and it will be freed upon impact Here, if I pull it, there’s a *click* It went back on the center, and will poke the piston and thus the gas will spread the BBs There’s 2 little lugs Just align it with the holes here Once screwed, you see that it hans’t budged The lever will keep it in place and the pin will keep everything nice and safe Here is it done, alsmot ready to go The system is now safe from outside factors Now, fill it with gaz.

I used the Nuprol 3.0 It went off beautifully It was a marvel for all to see You don’t need that much gas relly and there’s not place for more anyway so don’t waste gas just to fill it up to the bripm To reload the BBs it’s way simpler than a Tornado You needed a BB-loader to reload it, now you just have to pour it Let them roll inside, and it’s full before you know it There’s room for about 100-150 BBs Once full, take the bottom part and screw it back up You’ll need to be precise for that I’ll zoom it to explain There’s a tiny lug right here just in front of my finger and here’s the tricky part You’ll have to place it so You should see it Here’s the hole for the lug You have to put it back on so that the lug fills the hole Make them overlap Push and screw There’s a stop so don’t be afraid Now it’s ready to use ! I emptied the BBs, don’t be surprised I’ll drop it here, and I don’t want a BB-filled appartment To use it, there’s 2 simple steps Push the pin, then take it off Take off the lever And throw it Upon impact, the little head here will go center itself, poke the piston, and off goes the gas Something I liked it’s way less sensible to movement than the Tornados You need a big impact to set it off A 10cm drop won’t do You’ll need a bigger one, I’d say 50cm at the very least Of course here it’s empty, so it weights less, but the point remains a 10cm high drop is safe You’ll need a bigger drop Here I’m at 50-60cm And it went off nicely As you see, the head is dead-center Remember that I emptied the BB before The gas spray the BBs from here The box and the manual say that the BBs have a velocity of 225 FPS I can’t really check and the Chrony won’t work either The only downside is the noise I tried filling it up but there’s a little gap of air between each BB and it’s a noisy, as a result You’ll hear it when running I can’t be a big problem, when doing recon or infiltration I tested it “on the field” I never had a problem It’s fast to reload and is a wonder to clean rooms Little rooms are a death sentence with it Especially with the Nuprol 3.

0 The BBs fly everywhere, and quite fast too That’s it for today I’m very very satisfied I don’t have a Tornado to compare it but they are way bigger that the Cyclone This one is small, light, and easy to store.

T/N : 40mm pouches should do the trick Field-tested, loved it It goes off beautifully I’ll take the time to thanks Airsoft Innovations who sent me the grenade to review it and it’s a blast. See you soon, for another video ! Goodbye lads !


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