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Red Dot 1x30RD-C – ROSSI (Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

Red Dot 1x30RD-C – ROSSI (Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

Hi guys, this is Nilix bringing you the holographic crosshair review (red / green dot) “1×30 RD-C” from the ROSSI brand, for 22mm rails, a hard red dot that will facilitate the act of aiming. Works by means of a 3-volt CR2032 battery, the battery is installed inside the rheostat unscrew the cap on the side, you can use a coin if you want insert the battery in that position, positive sign out, and screw the cover back on tightly.

Accompanies an elevated support that facilitates aiming with protective masks it is also possible to remove the red dot from the bracket using the upper screws either to change the position of the crosshair on the support, or to replace it with another compatible mount if you have one.

To install the sight, unscrew the bottom nut and fit the base in the chosen slot thread the nut back and finish using a wrench to tighten the thread as far as possible. It has two color options of the reticle, red and green, each with 5 levels of intensity duly signaled by colored numbers, the activation takes place through this ring (rheostat) which can be rotated both clockwise and counterclockwise and to turn it off, just put it in the “0” position.

It does not have any magnification, which allows it to be used smoothly in any environment especially in CQB. The horizontal and vertical adjustments are arranged on the side and at the top, to access unscrew the protective cap and with a tool turn the adjustment until you find a good result according to your equipment, the adjustment is finished just replace the caps.

Also comes with a pair of flip-up caps to protect the red dot lens when it is not in use. The red dot together with the mount weighs approximately 270g. The red dot and its raised support are entirely made of metal, only the protective covers of lenses that have rubberized and plastic parts.

The whole set is approximately 13.2 cm long, 7.7 cm high and 6.2 cm wide. Installed on the equipment, the distance from the center of the lens to the top of the rail is 4 cm. Its objective is 30mm in diameter while the eyepiece is 25mm.

In the package comes the holographic sight, a raised support, a pair of protective covers Allen key, battery and some generic manuals. And don’t be surprised if you need to change the battery that comes with it right away as it may have discharged over time.

The quality of the material and construction is excellent, the dot set with its mount as well as the fixation on the rail, it is solid as expected, the adjustment and lighting of the reticule are also of quality, although in the green reticule I don’t see much difference between the minimum and maximum options.

To illustrate I recorded by shooting, and as we can see it replaces and increases the standard sight smoothly, as expected, you can see that the view inside the tube it gets a little bit darker and the edges of it are very advantageous which ends up obstructing a little bit of vision, however I believe that this can be more of a nuisance for those who do question of using only one eye, because whoever uses it with both eyes open, since the red dot makes this possible, I bet you won’t mind these things it’s hard to show it on video, but when you open the other eye it’s more or less like this it seems like “mess more” right hehe but calm, in practice the brain brings everything together and completes what is hidden by the thick edge with the view of the other eye, while the bright spot remains perfectly visible on the target, moral of the story, use the two eyes that you will only have an advantage, otherwise smaller red dots may be a better choice for you.

Its elevated support directly helps players who wear some kind of mask, especially the most spacious as the full-face, because depending on the mask and the airsoft model used can be very uncomfortable to aim or even unfeasible and this is where the high mount comes in to help, another potential benefit of this style of support is that you can extrapolate the limits of the rail a little, because part of the red dot is suspended and finally, as I already mentioned, it is also possible to replace the mount with some other as long as it has a ring 30mm in diameter and a length of up to 3 cm.

He is big, so I recommend using it on the rail of the upper receiver region because if used in the front, in the handguard region, it can be a little uncomfortable after a while of playing, because even though the red dot is not so heavy the stretched arm is generally more susceptible to weight changes so you can get tired more quickly.

When playing, make sure the screws are tight especially the one that fixes the sight on the rail and always protect the lens of your red dot BBs fired at him can crack the glass. A robust holographic sight with unquestionable quality can be a little big but it is certainly an accessory that will completely facilitate the dynamics in the act of aiming with your equipment, making your airsoft more functional, and cooler too a highly recommended accessory.


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