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Reconbrothers Tactical Plate Carrier Setups for Milsim & Airsoft 2020

Reconbrothers Tactical Plate Carrier Setups for Milsim & Airsoft 2020

Hey what’s up everyone, my name is Instinct and since our 2019 plate carrier setup video did so well, and changes always happen we decided to make a new video covering both me and my brother’s plate carrier setup for 2020.

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reconbrothers.com. Also both full setups we show you today can be found on our webshop with a nice discount as well. So as said these are both my brother and mine custom plate carriers setups which we use for our airsoft events military’s simulations and our tactical trainings with former SF Instructor delta.

Now these plates carriers setups work well for us, but that doesn’t mean they do for you. So as for today in this video we’ll share our thinking process with you. First of all note that we rather pay for quality gear than up to 60 percent for repro garbage.

And we recommend you to do the same, but this doesn’t mean you need the high end Gucci gear. Furthermore if you’re looking for a guidance video about fitting your players carriers, setting it up and testing your setup, go have a look at the link in the description down below.

So let’s get started. To start off with there are always a few rules we follow of which the first one is: efficiency of movement, easy accessibility and minimum stuff. So what do I mean with easy access? Well first of all don’t make it clumsy, second of all have a look at the pouches you use most and place them in a maximum of 180 degrees.

The other space is mostly used for pouches for your teammates. And thirdly carefully consider the placement of pouches you need access to in stressful situations. Next up what do we mean with efficiency of movement? Well with this we mean that the carrier setup should obstruct you as less as possible when doing physical movements.

Like for example crouching, laying down, sprinting and traversing certain obstacles. As for minimal stuff we mean carry only what you really need there is no need for extra stuff that will only make you heavier and bulkier.

As for our second rule which is the conjunction of your plate carrier with your belt setup, make sure they don’t interfere with one another. As for our belt setup of 2020 we have a video incoming as well.

Another rule that has become a necessity is the use of plates, even if it’s just training plates. This because of their profile, rigidity and weight for training purposes. We ourselves use of training plates from travel Fitness.

The next rule we follow is the amount of magazines you carry with you we ourselves use 6 GBBR magazines of which 4 on the carrier, 1 on the belt for an emergency reload and one in gun itself. This gives us a total of 210 rounds.

Another rule we’ve added to this list is use of quick-release buckles, these are being used more and more often because they are easier in use and silenced compared to velcro. And at last a few things we don’t do which is one we don’t use a holster or admin pouch on our front plate because it will limit the use of our front plate and second of all we don’t use a utility punch below our front plate as it will obstruct our movement capabilities.

And if you don’t believe us to go do some burpees and see for yourself. So this being covered let’s jump over to our personal plate carriers. So as for my plate carrier setup I used to use the Tasmanian tiger MKIII in the extra-large version.

Which was unfortunately too big for me and disturbed me in my movements. As for that reason in the end of 2019 I changed it to the Tasmanian Tiger QR LC. So if you’re a regular sized person don’t go for plate carriers with additional model space as it will only obstruct you.

Now if you want a in-depth review of this plate carrier, the Tasmanian Tiger QR LC go have a look at a link in the description down below. Now let’s get into the details of my plate carrier setup and let’s start with the front panel.

We aim to have our front plate as slim as possible in order to have the ability to go prone, as for this reason I use 3 fast mag pouches which used to be the Tasmanian Tiger BEL M4 four pouches with retention cords.

Now I modded these to become fast mag pouches, but now I use the new designated fast mag pouches from Tasmanian Tiger called the MC LP pouches, because these have an overall better design in grip. When it comes to the facing of the magazines, last year I was convinced that they should be facing to the left.

But after doing some tactical reloads and discussing it with my brother, I had to agree with him, they should be faced to the right, if you’re a right-side dominant shooter. Since we don’t use a dump pouch we had to come up with a small technique so we could easily see which magazines are full and which ones are empty in a split second for this we just turn the magazines in the opposite direction when putting them back into the pouch.

On the top left of my front plate I use the FL5035 PTT for Kenwood/Baofeng radios from PELTOR. It is secured with its clip and additionally secured with two rubber bands, the placement allows me to use my gun with my dominant hands while still remaining contact with my team using my left hand.

The cable running from my PTT goes straight into my Kenwood TK 3401 digital radio. It is placed in an inside pouch which allows me to easily access the radio. On the other side of the carrier I have removed this pouch since I recently notice that it was possible.

And at last on the top right side of my plate carrier I have placed a drinking tube to keep me hydrated. On my left cummerbund I placed the TT tac pouch 1, which is positioned here because it’s my non-dominant side and thus the least-used side and preferably also the most bulky side.

Here I store my personal stuff, batteries and SD cards. We consider the back panel to be used for hydrating yourself and storing items for your teammates. Now looking at TT’s assortment we think the TT tac pouch 11 is the most fit for the job.

Now since I used to use a bottle inside which made it too bulky for for example entering doorways or even sitting in a car, I decided to get a smaller drinking system but since I don’t have that yet I use the TT bladder pouch for now.

At last on my right cummerbund I have the 4th fast mag pouch which is the TT MCL pouch. Important to notice here is that the magazine is facing forward for if I’m shooting the gun with my left hand and need to make a reload.

Also important is that this pouch is a low profile pouch which allows me for a good butt stock manipulation under the armpit as well as a good pistol draw. Now that I fully covered my own plate carrier setup it’s time to have a look at my brother Viper his plate carrier setup.

As for my brother’s PC setup, he used another carrier which has other modular options and a slightly different setup. Probably the biggest change noticeable on my brother’s carrier is that he went from an OD green to a coyote brown.

Now this was important both for the team cohesion, since we started our own Milsim team, as well as for the fact that Milsim organizations divide their teams depending on the color. So for the guys amongst you that want to get into Milsim in the future you have been warned.

Another noticeable change is that my brother changed from Tasmanian Tiger to Templar’s Gear. As the base for his setup he is using a Templar’s Gear Crusader ROC set which also gives him the quick release buckles.

If you are looking for a more in-depth review about this carrier, go have a look at the link in description down below. So jumping into my brother’s plate carrier setup, he is also using the travel fitness plates.

But when doing physical movements the plates and the carrier can create a frictional noise which we resolved by adding gear skin onto the plates. Starting off with the front panel this carrier comes with buckles that allow for interchangeable front panels but since Viper doesn’t use them he removed the buckles.

Also Viper is using 3 fast mag pouches for easy inserting and drawing of the magazines but we need to add a lot of tension for a secure hold of the magazines. On the top left of the carrier Viper has attached his PTT with two rubber bands.

The cable is being managed by Velcro managers which are present onto the carrier. Also on the other side the drinking tube is being managed by another velcro manager present on the carrier which prevents too much jiggling.

On the outside of his left cummerbund Viper has placed a cargo pouch M Gen 2 for storage purposes just like I do. Nice detail is that on the back of the pouch you have place to store a knife. On the inside of his left cummerbund Viper has placed a universal radio pouch which contains his Kenwood.

A good thing about this pouch is that it can also be used for a magazine. Viper noticed that placing the radio pouch on the inside of the cummerbund can be highly uncomfortable for your ribs. Though this depends on the height placement of the pouch so all you have to do is find a sweet spot for yourself.

Going to the back panel viper has a hydration pouch L with a source tactical 3 liter WXP reservoir for hydration purposes. Furthermore the backpack features a lot of shock cords and zippers for your teammates to store their equipment in it.

Overall Viper thinks that this is a good all-around backpack with lots of different purposes. Going to the right cummerbund on the inside Viper has placed his 4th fast mag pouch with the magazine also facing forward.

Now the fact that the magazine is placed on the inside allows for an even slimmer profile which is beneficial for weapon manipulation and also the magazine is still easy accessible. So that’s it for our 2020 setup if you are looking for such a full plate carrier setup you can find them at our store with a nice discount at shop.

reconbrothers.com, with the color of your choosing. Thanks for watching make sure to LIKE, subscribe, hit the bell button, share our video and we’ll see you next week.


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