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Rebel Rifleman Loadout – Eric of KWA’s Tactical Gear Heads – Airsoft GI

Rebel Rifleman Loadout – Eric of KWA’s Tactical Gear Heads – Airsoft GI

hi GI TV I’m Eric on KWA I’ll be fighting for the rebellion IBB wars episode 1 a new dawn and this is my tactical gear heads I was a prior service marine active duty for four years and since 2009 I have been with a United States Army Reserve serving as a combat engineer and recently I have become a United States Army drill soren bounty hunter where’s my bounty what about it hello hello I know you are not smiling look ahead look good tuck in your chin tuck in your chin there you go you stand by you I told you to put the smell away but that’s mile away with that being said let’s get into the guns one of my primary weapons is a m4a1 I did a little bit modification recently I actually pick up the new lower receiver so this way I have a nice cool logo I like to run a middling trail my EOTech and also collateral stops I like low-profile front and rear sights and I actually like to run a regular Vanderburgh cage along with a shroud so I can actually attach a QG barrel extension I like these low pro hand stops because when I’m running my primary weapon I like to use a secret and everything within within the grasp I can actually control my lights and if I actually run a pigtail switch I can actually run it on top of the rail with this design is much more low-profile I can yield a gun left and right better put my sight on a choice when I’m playing the field I like to use them 9 tactical as accessory rail this is one of the most stable platform that the kwa pistol Arsene will have to offer not only that when I’m actually in a service this is what I also use them non-visible spray practice both on and off the field whether in uniform or I’m not you’re playing airsoft for my helmet setup I run a fast helmet so as you can see here I have a green one but for the game I’m actually gonna be using a complete set basing hell-bent but with tan what I do with my helmet is I integrated the mesh mask directly into the arc rails to protect my ears I use the pelt or tactical 100 it not only enhances sound I can also hook in an auxilary into the bottom of the headset so I can listen to music while I play airsoft pry protection I’m currently wearing Wiley X sunglasses but for the game I’m going to be wearing full co Vulcan Zulus for my play carrier I use the Orca arms hdsl system on the very front I have my pistol magazines and also my AEG magazines if I really need to do a quick change up if I’m running in a K or any other system the front panel comes right off I can change to whichever magazine that I need since I’m a left-handed shooter on the left side I could keep utility my like a microbe or right here on the right side all I could run my magazines because this is what the hand I used for reload behind the magazines I have my radio pouch the back of the play carrier is completely slick I don’t really need a full hydration system because I carry a water bottle on my battle belt moving on to my battle belt it is also part of the HD assaulter system on the right hand side I like to run to spare pistol magazines mic renée’s or smokes my dump pouch my water bottle carrier is actually in the center of my back on the left side I have two utility pouches and a pistol mag pouch this pistol mag pouch usually has a spare magazine or I keep a multi-tool in there just in case if I actually have a have something else I need to carry with me my holster for my m9 tactical I use a blade tag modular system the holster itself comes apart I can fit it down to my best if I’m actually in a vehicle now on my right I have a sub load which will carry four extra magazine tool and a flashlight if I actually need to the holsters and also my sub load plus my battle belt is held by suspenders the sasuser is asked like a pulley just in case of anything sags or actually is causing weight distribution problems on my waist or on my on my legs the system is actually holds everything together for knee pads I use the hatch xTag not only not that a low profile they provide fruit and actually doesn’t even slip when I’m actually doing a lot of running around and swatting for gloves I like to use the mechanics where impact – I like these better because that the knuckles are actually soft and it provides a padding and protection sometimes the harder knuckles digs into your hand when you actually have an open up just like this for some of the bigger operations it’s important to actually bring a secondary rifle whatever I have right here is the LM for PT RC so what I did for this gun is that I took my info wrist rails replaced it with the hand guards got my endpoint and also I have a running a peg box chopped off sites and keep this front really standard broom handle grips and also standard magazine once again show class well stock easy to maneuver nice and low compact for indoor use my tactical gear head my name is Eric on KWA I look forward to seeing you at BB Wars Episode one a new dawn I said stand up straight stand up straight why are you here you what’s so funny put that smirk away stay them straight use the still don’t get Jews know that you’re here and not driving his car does he know this dr.

Jones know that you hear I’m not getting his car hey you don’t tell me what to do


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