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Reaper’s Winter Airsoft Loadout

Reaper’s Winter Airsoft Loadout

reaper here from advanced airsoft tactical force with my logo video for my primary i use a house cybergun spring thomas i had a G is a crosman game face GF of TA for but suck so broke this is actually pretty reliable she’s 300 ATP per second which is pretty great for spring gun that’s not sniper for my secondary use crosman stinger p night it’s you Canada we have a really cold winter and gas pistols only work until the way they don’t work below 10 degrees Celsius so I have to use a spring I want cider now again it’s cold winter so I have a really nice russian style that put the slope handled sila sort of those vests or my vest I use the velocity arms Glock pistol s holds three and four variant magazines please leave this my 303 ground hi cap in my best i carrying basics like glasses just i use a ghost mask quantum or fair to style so i can’t really have a big goggles so think you got certified 500 round point2 grandbabies nice little crosman container it’s not that cheap angle on you oh right holster fits an extra mag 4 minus t nine also in the best I can nice little flashlight actually pretty good flashlight tulsa solar powered so i usually don’t have to wind it just leave it out of the Sun my limited multi-tool pretty good aug battery 8.

4 1100 lamp basic battery nothing special save that pocket on the inside pockets I usually keep like paper maps if I’m on a bigger field do this up here this isn’t really a BTU it’s just sort of a light dark lodi green i’m going to get me see you one smash my best but this is my summer stuff same pants also it’s like quick dry so if it gets wet if it rains I can still play and I’m not freezing afterwards dries off in like 10 minutes completely dry it’s pretty good stuff this vest is also like a bell croaks just pop off the buttons doctor comes right off Swiss everyone’s there right off there straight off cute there you go put this mess so I can also invest in the back garden kinky extra set on m4 mags just against nothing all right there they’re extra mags I’ll have to do is pop off on the buttons in right here in pop up but i liked outside arm and i don’t have that many megs i really don’t even need you to open so I just keep I just keep my cross draw on there so there’s crossroad slides it up one more thing I also keep my world walkie-talkie works up to something like 7 45 kilometres pretty much put that there it’s hard to get back in pouch so that’s my basic winter part summer godo this is a Reaper from advanced airsoft tactical force signing off


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