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QuantumCoat: Treating An Elite Force Glock 17 Replica Airsoft Gun (Huge Difference)


Welcome back I’m Mike with QuantumCoat and in this video we’re gonna be treating an airsoft gun this time I’m Doc with Havoc Squad Glock 17 by Elite Force I want to see how this works let’s go do it so here’s the airsoft gun it’s a Glock so now we’re gonna treat it with QuantumCoat so we’re gonna put drop right here as you can see there’s a lot of galling there just like on a real Glock so we’re gonna want to get that gonna get the backstop and again you can see a lot of galling up here so we’re gonna be treating all of that right now we’re gonna get the sides just make sure it gets everywhere in the spring looks pretty similar to a normal Glock if we disassemble it we could get the whole spring ok so there we go as you can see inside there’s a bunch of galling in here just like on a normal Glock we’re just gonna get every little spot in here and then what kind of Lube do you use for this – Normal silicone oil anywhere you see any kind of galling okay the barrel and then the spring back here get a few drops and on the inside inner spring and that should be pretty good here we’ll just make sure a little drop and inside the spring back here where the hammer is should be pretty good the spring as well alright so now there’s that and put it back together and now we’re gonna treat the mag really quick it’s gonna get a drop right where you fill it with green gas and then see we’ve got some rubbing here you can see some rubbing there as well overall get a little bit there so just make sure we got okay so that’s good then we’ll get a few drops in there and at this seal as well there okay so now what do you notice uh when you release the mag a lot quicker the oil and slide slide shooting back real fast you tell us not even so you’d say it’s pretty quick for ya to normal so compared what I was doing to the silicon yeah yeah here’s the airsoft gun and here’s a real Glock and if you wanna see this is real Glock 19 9 mil Glock 17 6 millimeter bb’s breakdown on the c1 make sure it’s clean really quick cleaning out the barrel alright that looks pretty clean and then let’s get a new q-tip now with a new q-tip we’re gonna put a few drops on it and just run it in the barrel just to get the stuff worked in get the lube on the q-tip gonna run it in and out run a little bit and then you can rub it with your finger or whatever it’s kind of working oh yeah we could get the spring


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