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[PX9 – Classic Army] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[PX9 – Classic Army] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hello everyone and welcome to this presentation of this PX9 from Classic Army To start, a big thank you to my partner Destockage Games for their support by providing me with the test copy of this video The main feature of this bb gun is that it offers a programmable ECU as standard which will allow you to select your preferred firing modes And that will provide protection for the motor and batteries that have a low voltage Otherwise, about the available colors, we can get this model in TAN or black, as the bb gun of this video The bb gun is delivered in a very compact box in the colors of the brand We find, as always, the usual warning messages on the practice of airsoft As well as a carrying handle, always practical Inside, under a simple layer of expanded foam, we find the contents of the box where only the bb gun and the magazine are fixed to the lower foam plate by plastic cable ties In the picture, I show you a photo of the content upon receipt The contents may therefore move during transport Otherwise, we first find a first generic user manual in French from the distributor DM Diffusion A manual in English which explains how the ECU works A generic manual in English on the different steps to use an airsoft bb gun A set of paper targets A 9.

6V NiMh battery in 1600mAh As well as its magazine A bag of bbs A bb loader A bb gun magazine A small cleaning rod And finally, the PX9 bb gun from Classic Army This bb gun is made almost entirely of plastic and therefore the only visible metal parts are the stock guides For the rest, it is therefore very good quality plastic for the front hand guard and flash hider assembly The firing trigger The body and its various levers The stock And the aiming sights The bb gun offers some airsoft markings Including one “made in Hong Kong” slightly hidden by the stock guides On the lower parts, we can note very slight traces of moldings Slots for QD attachs are available on the hand guard on each side of the bb gun And a sling attach is available at the base of the stock tube, also on each side A small M-Lok rail is available on each side of the hand guard, as well as a small standard Picatinny rail just next to it On the bottom, a Picatinny rail is present As well as over the entire upper length of this PX9 The pistol grip offers a slight relief And the engine hatch can be opened without tools The front of the lower body also offers raised ridges for better grip The trigger guard is widened to facilitate the use of gloves and the firing trigger is of sporty type The notches of the firing selector are well marked and this one is not ambidextrous To configure the ECU firing modes, you will need to set the firing selector to the semi position and keep the firing trigger pressed until you hear a beep 2 sets of beeps will be heard with a pause each time The first one will describe the mode of the semi position and the second one, the mode of the auto position To change the modes, simply press once on the firing trigger to navigate through the different available combinations The number of beeps in a series will describe the number of bbs that will be shoot 1 long beep equals one bb 3 beeps corresponds to a burst of 3 bbs 5 beeps corresponds to a burst of 5 bbs Several close beeps corresponds to full auto To validate the selection, you will then need to position yourself in the auto position and then return to safe I will take the example of the semi-fire mode / burst of 3 bbs I first activate the ECU setting mode By default, the bb gun is in semi, full auto mode We hear a long beep and a series of several close beeps I navigate until I hear 1 long beep and a series of 3 beeps Then I validate by positioning the lever on auto then safe In semi position, I always have semi And in the auto position, I now have a burst of 3 shots The stop bolt catch lever is dummy The cocking lever is also made of plastic and seems very fragile to me, so be careful to handle it with care This one does not lock back like the bolt catch Once back, we will have access to the hop-up adjustment ring in the false ejection window The front and rear sights are foldable and adjustable And are not equiped with springs They each have specific markings The plastic flash hider can be removed to gain access to a 14mm counterclockwise thread The stock is adjustable in 2 positions thanks to a lever And it ends with a raised coating for better grip The battery compartment is located in the stock tube There is a mini Tamiya type connector The supplied battery just fits so choose your battery well if you want to change it It should not be more than 12cm in length The magazine eject button is located on the right side only This one comes out and fits perfectly The supplied magazine is a plastic mid-cap with a capacity of 120 bbs and a correct finish This one has its own marking In game, the low weight and the minimum size of the bb gun, is a significant asset if you like fast play The shooting characteristics are good, no problem to report In the end, Classic Army offers us a very good PDW bb gun with this PX9 The finish is very good and the shooting characteristics are completely satisfactory thanks to its internal The ECU fitted as standard is a good point if you change firing modes often On the other hand, I am a little disappointed by the protection of the box which is not satisfactory for my taste And it will be necessary to monitor the cocking lever and carefully choose the size of its battery But if you are looking for a compact and light bb gun for a fast game with good performances, this PX9 from Classic Army remains a good choice On the occasion of this video, my partner Destockage Game offers you a promotional code on this model that you can find in the description Thank you for watching this video If you also have this bb gun or if you want to exchange on it, do not hesitate to use the comments Also remember to subscribe to my different social media to not miss any new video, follow my news and bring your support And see you soon, in a new video


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