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Problems in airsoft | ¿Cheater? Yes or No. [ENG, DE, FR]

Problems in airsoft | ¿Cheater? Yes or No. [ENG, DE, FR]

The images you see below is not to call anyone cheat, only to the situation, the faces are hidden players Video is created for dicutir the situation, not the players, discuss the video and tell your opinion Players: Okay, dead! the truth that in this situation it does the boy would be dead what happens to I did not see with upraised hand with adrenaline and all that were going to go because I kept giving whether that I apologize because I think that It is right this time is the screenshot in this situation for more Later in the video so stay tuned Player: I said he was dead, many times.

At this time the doctor is the one who grabs the enemy was dead was that but ye see clear I did not see the then lift the hand, so you I shot when I walked fast with adrenaline so forgive but he is right that already came out with his hand raised.

At this time you can see how the referee called him attention to my partner that Mope keep playing when the enemy and gave so my partner and apologizes Mope He is presumed dead As you can see I put a circulito as a red ball has him shocked.

And as you can see the enemy calls them my Mope partner Right now I want you watch out for the person who is right Mope behind which Mope to follow playing he killed and the enemy has hand raised Mope: Sorry I did not realize.

Have ye noticed like me? with raised hand hides to see that Mope has been given up for dead before hides and shoot me over failing because fires in empty because to me or I bounced my not fly any impact I killed him and I did not see but know not I would not have done that really were left for dead why spoil a very good situation ” Players talkin ” And nothing guys I have set repeat of what happened last and good are problems that happen in the Airsoft totally it did not remember it at all I did not remember to anything I say them because as it has never made videos and effective or problematic, to say that; I understand because I was with adrenaline and the enemies more impact than bolazo He did not deserve like they did not know the how you handle situation is understandable, I only video so you opinéis if we are right, we have no right, who not have it, you should do no problem about anything.

This is a video I wanted to make even me I remembered that I remembered had thank you very much to see what do you think you subscribe and like or dislike, depending on how you see it many thanks greetings These things usually happen in the Airsoft, they are very irregular situations, so you can see that everyone can pass it, but it should not reach excessive ranting.


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