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Probably The Most Expensive Airsoft Pistol Ever


Hey, what’s up guys before we getting into Fabi’s sick pistol gameplay with his completely Fancy overpriced pistol quick shoutout to the Sponsor of this video Which is a mobile app called terminator, so let me show you real quick. What the game is all about He said he will be back and now he’s back in this awesome new mobile game terminator genisys future war it’s a mobile game Where you get to choose who to play human or machine there is a ton of battles going on everything with it? So you’re not going to get bored. Terminator doesn’t need a lot of time It’s more like one of those games you play while chilling out with a bunch of friends Download the game for free through the link in the video description and start with 150 coins. Which is a really nice boost for the beginning We all know that Fabi loves sniping but once in a while he like to just use to use his upgraded high capa to kick some ass if you’ve never tried pistol only in an urban environment Give it a shot you will see that you will play a lot faster and more aggressive due to the lightweight gear and the High movability or you can just stay back and snipe people obviously since you’re limited on range Therefore you have to get close to the enemies which will force you into lots of fun and fast-paced fights Now the argument with the limited range isn’t really true for Fabi’s pistol since it shoots 400FPS and is extremely accurate Due to the upgraded internals The Tunnel system allowed Fabi to get behind enemy lines without them noticing from here on it’s going to be like hunting ducks As you can see the range of his pistol is not and even out performs some of the AEGs on the fields in terms Of range.The range of this gun is a Marui hi-capa 5.1 Which is already a great gun out of the box? This model is the gas blowback pistol with the most upgrade parts available on the airsoft market And that’s why he chose it in the first place. There was really not much left of the original gun after he spent over $1,300 on upgrade parts Today Fabi isn’t even using mag pouches. He just keeps the mags in his pants which slows down his reloades a lot But he wants the lightest gear possible, and that’s why he doesn’t want to wear a heavy carrying system friendly fire finally ended Fabi’s kill streak Hope you guys enjoyed this pistol only gameplay if you want to check out Fabi’s Facebook or Instagram Check out the links in the video description


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