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présentation tenue mastodonte // AIRSOFT MASTODONTE

présentation tenue mastodonte  // AIRSOFT MASTODONTE

ok I understood I remove this mask because otherwise nobody will not understand a word what am I going to say hi everyone is ghosty! so I hope you’re fine today I show you my mastodon outfit so be aware that it’s not my first outfit I had a first version, a second, a third and finally a fourth which is the last and it’s going to be two to three years that I started playing in mastodon outfit so already you have to know that I used mainly airsoft equipment to make my outfit but also in other sports fields but especially the biggest work comes from the assembly that I made myself with the foam mats found in decathlon which are widely laid thick to protect me from the balls I did a lot of sewing simply and well to assembé the fabric on the foam parts and all his I will therefore show you on the different protections that I made myself for the outfit we’re already going on the leg protections so I used riot protections, which I bought on ASMC to these I added a little protection for the back of the calf in order to obtain optimal protection at the thighs and pelvis I bought a snowboard protection that is really very resistant to this I added a tactical belt which will allow me to hang all the straps, the accessories and that will keep all in addition to this the foam protections that will mainly protect the thighs is added to these platforms thighs that go from the thickness to the legs but also that will allow to hang accessories such as holsters and chargers at the level of the torso I therefore have a first basic tactical vest which will especially give thickness so I put pieces of foam inside for the thickness in front and behind on top there will be a second tactical vest which will only be for aesthetics and also for accessories so in the front you will have the armor plates entirely sewn by hand obviously with the little bell that will serve me as weak points it will be enough to shoot in this bell so that I put out a pocket for storing accessories, but also that will serve me as protection for .

.. you know what ! (the balls) especially to this area it’s very important to be well protected because there will always be little jokers who will have fun at you shot in these parts the on the back we found a stainless steel plate which will also serve as a weak point a boom with the camera gopro that allows me so the film is gone in third person view so you have to know that I really struggled to try to make a system that holds up at first it sways from left to right, it’s banging against the doors, the ceiling, the walls it was really not easy to make a system like that but the result is there and I personally love it oh yes, of course, the little bag of hydration that will be used mainly for the summer because when you play with 15 kilos of fabrics and foam on your back and that is 30 degrees outside during the summer I let you imagine how we feel inside for the neck brace it was thus the most complicated piece to make that I made entirely by hand also using aluminum plates to give the desired shape for the bindings so I used small straps with clip fasteners that will allow me to fix the neck brace on the tactical vest for the shoulders I simply used pieces of riot leggings and knee pads that I assembled from above simply and you have to find on each side of the shoulders a luminous bracelet that will serve me especially to identify me in a team when we are going to play a scenario where I will potentially be part of a team for the arms I used a pair of motocross shin pads that I connect after a pair of elbow pads and to protect the forearm two plates of foam which will be maintained by the straps which will give even more thickness and above all a good protection so above it is added another pair of riot protection that I disassembled only to be able to protect at the level of the biceps with the same thing two foam plates and a system of this crash that will maintain everything more easily to be able to clip the straps a little precision also to say that I put pieces of foam inside the protections to add thickness and especially it makes me sweat too much, to have a little more air to have the arms that breathes and finally the little mask I bought on Aliexpress which I completely repainted uh .

.. because at the base it was golden and silvery I am so completely repainted with a black color and with silver effects so some small details on the outfit very important when you make protections remember to leave spaces between the joints, arms, legs everything that may not interfere with your movement but also that you are well protected that there is no area discovered because sometimes we take a small ball misplaced and it pecks! especially when there are some who are happy admits shooting at close range So here is the end of the video, I hope you enjoyed it if you have questions do not hesitate to put me in comment in the meantime I’ll see you soon on the ground and a next video


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