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Preparing a MilSim Loadout – Operation Reclamation II – Jolly Roger Airsoft – Loadout Tips – SAS

Preparing a MilSim Loadout – Operation Reclamation II – Jolly Roger Airsoft – Loadout Tips – SAS

Jolly Roger airsoft would like to thank our partners airsoft peak calm third love productions and the airsoft in Virginia Facebook page tonight on Jerry TV we talk reclamation what is up guys it’s Noble hear from John badger airsoft and today we are going to be talked about my preparation process for my loadout for operation reclamation to now operation reclamation to will be held at X zone in chesterfield virginia February’s 16 tickets are on sale now at airsoft GI calm so if you want to go are in the area of northern virginia or southern virginia or central virginia or wherever you are check it out should be a lot of fun we are going as the British force vrf a you want eat normally do no I’m Christian mingle in other news we are setting up a new project called the airsoft Virginia project where we’re going to try and learn more about the airsofting community here in Virginia because we think we have really one of the best airsoft communities in the entire nation we’ve set up a small little web page and on this web page we have a quick survey that we want all the Virginia airsofters who are watching or saying this or being told to go fill out if you’re on the interwebs and you play air sucker in Virginia we would really love it if you filled out this survey we just want to learn more about this community and what makes it different from all the other ones in the nation it’s very important that you tell your friends that you spread the word on facebook on Twitter on Instagram on YouTube whatever you want to do just get all your friends all the airsoft Virginia people you know if you know any other teams or channels or fields or whatever just get people in your area people you know to fill out the survey so we can get the most comprehensive view of Virginia airsoft possible we’re going to be harping on this for weeks so please please please spread the word get this going we want to get this airsoft Virginia project rolling so we can help the airsoft community in Virginia grow and prosper and be really great rambling sir I’m sorry so my kwa m4 is in the shop at the moment so it will not be ready for reclamation but that means I get to use a different gun which is actually kind of nice for me because it’s different and exciting and new and I probably won’t like it as much but it’ll still be fun to kind of build a different kind of load out to fit a different kind of gun I have to choose between really my mp5 my try shot shotgun and my Jean GM for Raider and I think we’re going to use it a little bit of all of them throughout the day but I had the most fun with the Raider I must warn you if you’re OCD or have any problem with non matching stuff or ugly looking and you should look away at this point you are you still looking last chance here comes so I had a little bit of fun with the rail system i even had a rail system in a really long time so is actually very nice to get a real system to put a lot of crap that I don’t need on it Mary put some assorted rail covers this iphone this rail cover I don’t know where I got that I also have on this side my XDM rail covers because I can and I have a foregrip again because i can actually it kind of works with this short stubby kind of thing so i actually really uh really kind of digging this right now i also put this site on the top just because I felt it made it look kind of more complete isn’t that vaina me I’m doing it because it looks more complete but whatever it does give you a nice circle to uh get your bb’s into and that’s why i’m doing it yeah that’s why I’m doing let’s go with that as well Jim’s fault now for my rig I had to choose between my Condor MPs plate care or a condor MC for MC for Condor embassy for or my Condor MCR for chest rig which is really a blank slate of Mali and that’s what I went with because it was really a kind of fit my SAS style load out a little bit more than the plate carrier did so I decided to roll with that as I pulled it both out I also started by pulling out all of my pad pouches that I might use throwing them in the pile with it all and then laying it out on my bed just to kind of get a feel for whatever where I was going to put wetans all that so I decided to run with all magazine pouches as I was pulling everything out and laying it all out I laid out both the magazine pouches my mp5 magazine pouch in my triple ik mag pouch I guess it is and it just kind of fit right and I like the way it fit and I liked the way it looked so I went with it and I’m not going to bother with switching whenever I want to switch to the mp5 or to the m4 now I’m just going to run with both and be ready to run with whatever I have at the moment plus I also have the ability to carry way more ammo now which means i can empty out magazines into magazines that i actually need and can use when i’m not using that specific gun no I also had my shotgun shell pouch and my dump pouch that I wanted to put on but I didn’t want to put on my chest ranges because I didn’t want to make it all front heavy and too too much on the front so I decided to break have a belt of red up my combat belt and I just kind of hooked them on to see how it would feel how work with the chest rig so I put that on kind of did a dry run and it felt good I liked it and that’s pretty much it i’m also going to wear a camelbak probably my back for hydration saying as I can’t scrounge water from the field on this one like I did at rev which worked out wonderfully actually also wearing woodland be to use because we are the British team so everyone’s going to have their standard woodlands on hopefully we’ll get into my loadout video next time or something next time but next week maybe and we’re going to get everybody else in here to show what they do for this more standard operation than say of Revelations this is kind of how we approach a standard run and gun shoot them up kind of operation that’s good Jolly Roger airsoft today for all your reclamation coverage and comment like whatever come in if you have any comments questions or concerns and yeah 1k giveaway will be announced on Thursday january thirtieth so that’s this thursday would be announcing the winner and then we will get you squared away with all your goodies so that’s all I got again check out the project airsoft virginia page fill out our survey that would really help us out that’s my last plug for the day I swear it’s been nobel peace out that’s actually kind of a sweet phrase a it’s been Noble dude like that you


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