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Post Apocalyptic Airsoft Winter Game w/ M9 Beretta co2 and M4

Post Apocalyptic Airsoft Winter Game w/ M9 Beretta co2 and M4

< Let's go in ! > < Enemy: Hit ! Hit ! > Hey guys today, we’re playing airsoft in snow conditions. It is cold, slippery, and you have to mind where you step. The game is a sort of capture the flag.

The team engineer has to take the crate that is located at the center of the map to the enemy base. Please use the subtitles to understand the parts that are not in English < Me: Do you know where the crate is ? Teammate: The crate is over there ! > We start the first round with an all-out assault on the building that has the crate in it < Let's go in ! > < Me: Did you fall ? Are you ok ? > < Huh ? > < Are you ok ? > < Teammate: Yea.

He took the crate. > My main weapon is a Specna Arms M4. < He took the crate ! > I rushed the enemy thinking they were heading to the other side of the building. I got owned. I switched to my pistol to be more agile.

< Enemy: Hit ! Hit ! > The pistol that I’m using is the KJW M9 beretta with the co2 mag. I did an unboxing of the mag a while ago. Link in the description. It worked perfectly in the cold conditions.

I got started by my teammate thinking he was an enemy < Me: Are all three of them there ? Teammate: That's what it looks like. > < Me: They are going through the front ! > < Teammate: Dead man passing through.

> < Teammate: Dead man passing through. > < Teammate: Hit ! Hit ! > < Me: Hit ! > < Enemy: Indistinguishable. > < Enemy: Come on ! There is no one left. > < Teammate: Hit ! > < Enemy: Come on George ! Come on ! > < Enemy1: Come on George Enemy2: Indistinguishable.

> < Teammate: Hit ! > < Enemy: Come on George ! Come on ! Go ! Go ! Go ! > They overwhelmed us with their superior tactic and managed to take the crate in our base scoring the first point of the day.

< Me: That was cool ! Enemy: You guys don't look at all windows ? > < Me: There are too many of them. > With the start of the next round I was determined to get into a good position that no one would suspect.

< Me: I can't. I can't do it from here. > I failed. Embarrassingly I had my safety on and could not fire the M4. < Me: You be careful so that no one can come from there. > < Me: I'll go on the other side.

> There was a guy in the shadows waiting for me. < Me: Hit ! > I really have to stop rushing like that. After the respawn I decided to go up to the second floor of the middle building. Again I get startled by my teammate.

< Teammate: Andrei, you are hit. I got you ! Me: You stay here ! Ok ? I will go down. > As you probably have noticed the team players all have different camo, and we did not have armbands. As you can imagine, sometimes it is hard to tell who is on your team.

< Me: Do you know where the crate is ? Teammate: The crate is over there ! > < Me: Is it on the road ? Teammate: It's there. Look ! > < Me: Go get the crate ! > < Me: Don't run that way ! Why are you going that way ? Come this way ! > < Me: Come here ! Go through the building ! > < That way.

> < Me: You are allowed to go in anyway you like. > After a little bit of confusion regarding the game rules, we won the second round. With the new round we switched the team bases. This time I forgot to turn on my red dot.

FAIL ! < Me: You on my team ? > < Teammate: Yes. Me: Ok. > < Me: Can we take the crate ? Teammate: No. > < Me: Are they in the middle ? Teammate: They have gone up the stairs. > < Me: One more has gone up.

> < Me: Hit ! > < Me: Hit ! > I’ve got hit from the second floor inside the building. < Me: I'll stay here, at the wall. > < Enemy: We have one on the right. Here. > I hear some noise outside. < Teammate: Is he hit ? Me: I don't Know.

> < Me: What ? Teammate: There is one here. > < Me: There is one there ? > I tried to make him think I ran away. And… It worked ! To bad my aim isn’t as good as my sneaking skill. < Hit ! > < Enemy: Did I get you ? Me: I don't know.

I think so. > < Me: Hit ! > < Me: I think I took myself out. I think he hit the wall. > < Me: But I thought he hit me. > I tried the second floor again. There are two holes that overlook the stage where the crate is.

It is perfect for keeping the enemy away from it. < Me: They moved the crate. > < Me: I am certain there is a guy there. > < Me: Right there, besides the crate. But I don't know where the others are.

> I leave my teammate and decided to get closer to the crate. * Taking enemy fire * < They took the crate ! > < Hit ! Hit ! > I wasn’t expecting anyone to be waiting for me there. After I respawned the enemies were trying to enter our base through the back door.

< Teammate: I'll go on the other side. Me: Go ! > * Taking enemy fire * < Me: Hit ! > The enemy player reached our spawn point and we lost the round. < Teammate: I am not dead. Me: No. You're not allowed to shoot from the base.

> < Me: You placed it. You won ! Game Stop ! > This day was a blast. I had so much fun playing airsoft in the snow. I strongly recommend it ! Hit the like button, subscribe and share the video. If you have any suggestions or want me to talk more about my gear, leave a comment.

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