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Possibly the Most Painful Airsoft Gun in Existence (40mm Grenade Launcher)


Looks good. Hey welcome back my friends We’re back in Austria to play with noritsch ,Sniper Buddy Fabi, Magnus, edge, and GSP crew from Germany But today we have a cool little toy to play with this is the M32 grenade launcher made by ICs It is a 40-millimeter grenade launcher and just like the real one it takes shotgun like shells that emit a huge cloud of Pellets, so let’s start it with clearing the field before we use our new toy to clear the rest of the way hello The good of this here on the stairs just f**king blast them Okay, I would see the sh*t Control there, that side Right now our team has control over the hill and if we hold it for five more minutes, we’ll win the game. Hit! That’s one Now You f*ckin’ smacked him in the face We’re trying to sneak behind the enemy players because we’re using a route around the field that not many people use or even know about To do this right we were able to surprise the enemy by attacking them from the back Oh boy Yeah Fortunately we won that round but they can still come back.A couple of experienced players have joined the opposing team and then now have the high ground advantage When they get sniper f*cked from here one pellet’s f*ck Yeah buddy From where? Think in the window see a head Nevermind Shot It’s ok There’s one way to handle a wounded pilot is drag him on the floor This one time it’s not a woman Thanks for watching guys make sure to check out our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds video where we completely recreated the video game in real life with airsoft guns Stay tuned for the upcoming solo matches and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes content. Hey, what’s going on guys today were playing a real-life version of player unknown


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