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PolarStar Fusion Engine vs Jack Shooting Test – VIP Airsoft Experiments

PolarStar Fusion Engine vs Jack Shooting Test – VIP Airsoft Experiments

hey guys josh here from VIP airsoft today I’m going to be doing another polarstar jack video kind of segment today I’m gonna be doing kind of comparison between the polarstar jack which as you saw a few our last video is one of the newer items we’ve got it in comparison to the PolarStar fusion engine okay this is the version 2 Gen 3 okay so it’s the most modern model of it what I did is I installed two of them I’m a one in each of our rentals they’re using rental hop-up units obviously rental offers so what we wanted to see was what’s the FPS difference and what things we saw of them to make them a difference and make you justify spending more or less so without further ado what we’re gonna do is actually jump up to the chrono are you gonna see what the FPS is and then we’re gonna head back here and I’m gonna explain what exactly happened alright guys I’m out here at the chrono I’m gonna just doing the tests on the polarstar jack as well as the fusion engine I’m gonna get a chronal for you just kind of see where the FPS is right now we’re gonna be CRO knowing at what do we are at about 90 psi we’re using a redline rig yeah so and then we’re also gonna be using up point – oh wait B B’s they’re gonna be our greenhouse B B’s okay so we’re gonna use those and test them so first things first let’s start with the fusion engine all right on this one looks like we’re at about 240 to 250 get 80 psi 0.

20 of v’s Gretton that may seem a little low but it’s because the hope of being this and these are from rentals so they’re kind of used all right so next thing you’re gonna do we’re gonna do the Polar Star Jack sorry Stephanie make sure the batteries are good it sounds like it is Wow all right you guys see this right here 3:55 same psi 90 psi but it gets what about 90 to 100 psi are upside feet per second more than that that’s that’s pretty cool so again we’re at 90 psi point zero eight B be nothing else special no different contraption or a different special ops of unit it’s all the same yeah alright guys so see if maybe the hop units are given in a reason that the FPS is jumping what I’m gonna do some of the sloppy uppers right real quick and I’ll take the one from the jack put it on the engine pick the one key engine and put on the jack and see if we get any FPS difference okay were some keeps fluctuating a little bit so we’re at about 70 to 80 we’ll see where we go yep 70 80 psi again point 208 bb’s what’d I say okay we’re at 80 psi let’s see what we get all right something went wrong with that one so let’s set this aside real quick put this one and see what happened with the other one and this is the jack okay so the jack with the old our students I told but the fusion engine pop unit 340 so dropped maybe 10 FPS and not enough to be a big issue let me see if I can figure out what’s going on with the fusion engine hop up unit real quick all right looks like something found up in here and again remember this is the one that was inside of the jack so it’s not like it was something specific that was to one gun so we’ll see if we can just put it back in here and shoot it again see what’s going on our Bucky may be gone in this one so I can’t really give you the idea to show you but something that happens with them so we’ll just jump back inside of the lounge and we’ll go over and see if I can figure out what happened to that all right alright guys you saw our chrono so we’ll call what we were at we were about with the PolarStar fusion engine we’re looking about 240 250 okay that’s what you’re looking at with what we said I believe 90 psi 80 90 psi area with a point to obv the jack what you saw that was is about 350 350 0.

20 80s and 90 psi okay and defense real quick my regulator isn’t the best all right the regulator is okay it’s been used a lot it’s agree redline makes a great regulator but it’s just been that has a lot of use through it so there’s a little bit of fluctuation there the tank it’s it’s a dual normal tank I am I conceived much of a difference in that and then we are using compressed nitrogen instead of compressed air there shouldn’t be a difference in that so that with knowing what it is you saw that FPS jump now a couple other things that I noticed throughout just testing I’m seeing what’s going on with them is that the jacks are seemed to be actually kind of quieter so that’s one thing that I noticed right away I had actually listened to see if I could hear the solenoid going off so with that that’s one thing I saw but just they’re both running pretty cool pretty good good that’s one thing with the Jack that I saw was that I honestly don’t know why there was such a low FPS difference if you saw one of the hop-up units actually ended up getting a BB stuck in there okay if I’m not mistaken that was the one that was on the PolarStar okay but we used this hop-up unit which worked on both on both of them and the jack still kept the same FPS maybe dropped 10 okay so 10 FPS dropped by just changing out the unit but you still saw the one that did that so real quick I’m gonna open up the one that was on the Polar Star in the last test and I’m gonna show you exactly what happened alright so you see right there what happened is that the lip right here was bent down one common thing you will see with any HPA system and I may get yelled at for saying any button almost all of them is sometimes the buttons will flip it cuz you’re thrown a lot of air through the bucking you need to get a nice bucking for it so with us using a rental bucking it flipped okay it may need to be replaced we may be able to get a few more shots out of it but it doesn’t matter because we used the both of this hop unit in the jack as well as PolarStar and you saw there was it didn’t matter so this with this gun with sorry this hop-up unit with the Jack still shot 340 feet per second which is still 80 and 90 feet per second higher than what the PolarStar shot so what I’m trying to get out of all this is is where do you want to spend the money and do you want to spend it on externals you wants to spend it on your internals the fusion engine is more expensive yes it is but you do get the full engine as you can see it’s got a nice sleek look you can change the nozzles there’s more upgrade parts there’s not in the jack but if you’re wanting to get into the if you’re wanting to get into the HP a-game and be able to use it it’s a great option because it is very inexpensive a couple things I again like I’m noticing like I said they’re quieter that’s one thing I was noticing this one being the jack what I liked about it because it uses the original gearbox housing some issues you may have with any PolarStar is compatibility because what you have to do is is sometimes the selector plate doesn’t work I had to swap out the selector plate on this one I had to swap it out for a G&G one yes I could have cut the selector plate that is one of the modifications you can do but it’s a brand new fusion engine I don’t want to cut it so I had to swap to select replace yeah it’s a little thing but for me in time frame I still had to do all not as much work but still some work to get it in here so it’s really your choice I personally am going to compress with the jack we took it up to a hundred psi off screen before we even start anything just and I were in the back testing it it broke for 50 with a hundred psi that’s all so if you’re wanting to build a DMR and this is just a small snare you want to build a DMR you want something to get you some nice range and nice FPS the jack is probably a system for you because let’s say you wanted you throw it in what an m4 alright we’re gonna make a DMR Adam an m4 standard m4 mags like that you can run it like that that’s actually really cool so that’s one thing that I really like about the jack not hating on the fusion engine the fusion isn’t great it’s a great system but there are some more modifications with it but there is more upgrades for it one thing like saying with the nozzle so let’s say you wanted a longer you know different nozzles you want to put in a scar it’s gonna be something you can do with this I don’t believe there are nozzles for the jack yet so those are just a couple of things that I’ve seen with this they’re really cool systems the more and more I messed them more and more I learned about them if you guys have any questions feel free to send me an email and it’s a Facebook message give us a call come on in whatever one you want we’re probably gonna be doing another video some time soon we’re gonna show I’m gonna show you exactly how to install the jack into one of the guns I’ll probably just end up doing in the runnel but that way if you guys have any questions on how to install we’ll go ahead and get that one done but other than that guys have a good day


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