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Polarstar Custom M4 Update Overview Airsoft

Polarstar Custom M4 Update Overview Airsoft

hey youtube this is tim from lotus i just want to give you guys a quick update on what I’ve done to my polar star m4 in my last video I was kind of going for that mark 18 mod1 build but since then i am going for more of a streamlined more efficient fast fast pace polar star so so here we go from the back here I used to have the crane stock but now I’ve got a magpul pts CTR stock this light does the job and it’s it doesn’t wobble or anything like that um and with this m4 because i used the nine-volt Duracell batteries and you really can’t fit that into the buffer tube so what I did and this is one of the modifications that i’ve done is i take off the CTR stock here i show you it basically did the 9-volt buffer tube mod so what that what what that entails is basically taking a dremel i have my FC you in there taking a dremel cutting out notches basically and that way I can stick my stick my nine volt battery in there and I have my 9 volt adapter hanging out there so all right yeah that way I could just use my 9 volts because I have a have a bit of those laying around and you know that way I won’t run out of battery or anything like that a second here trying to stick on the stock again alright and then going up I still have my magpul ASAP sling adapter I love it that way I can transition right to left with ease I have my magpul me at grip I’d rumbled off the finger shelf there and I just know if you can see the camera zooms or focuses I’ve stippled the back and the front so that way I can get a better grip still got the magpul trigger guard got the magpul trigger guard um let’s see and i still have or i have now a the daniel defense full metal body there you go full metal body you got the nice trades there I have a die tak t1 replica with a kak replica of Mount it has a kak trades there and I made I made this little protective cover out of the Lennox Lennox no no the operating system I don’t know I can’t I can’t name off the top of my head social that L anyways I made a protective cover basically it’s a acrylic glass which I then drama lit into a circle I super glued it onto the front of the red dot and that way it’ll protect it from shattering the lens and I took the rubber piece that covers the lens and I cut out the front and that way um it gives it a nice clean look without you know having having basically a lens hanging out alright and i have my rvg magpul rvg which I cut down because when when I really use the gun and I hold it like this that you have extra hanging off which what you don’t need and you know I’ll never I’ll never hold my gun you know just by the quite a vertical grip so I have my cut down rvg which I’ve stapled I just step over fine just because sometimes i get bored so i did that i still have my oops that’s my door closing because of the wind anyways i still have my v FC v 3 x 180 luminance flashlight connected to a pressure pad over to the left side and i have i have this suppressor mock mock silencer mock suppressor here it used to be about I would say six or seven inches but I cut it down I drum old I jumbled it and as you can see I mean I didn’t really do that great of a job but you know it does the job and I have some foam in there as you know if or if you don’t already know polar stars basically the only sound that comes out of a polar star is from the from the end of the barrel because only because it’s it’s basically just the air shooting out of the barrel so I have some foam in the suppressor so that way it it reduces the sound of the gun exponentially it’s a big word um I think that’s about it yeah that’s that’s that’s pretty much it um just yeah don’t rate comment and check out some of my other videos and that’s it alright bye


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