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PMC (Private Military Contractor) AIRSOFT LOADOUT

PMC (Private Military Contractor) AIRSOFT LOADOUT

fight what is up guys today I’m bringing you another loadout stick around see what I got the planned out for you today what is up airsofters today i am bringing you guys a PMC airsoft milsim loadout whatever you want to call it but gear that you saw I was rocking I don’t want to say it’s the exact year that the PMC guys actually raw this is just my impression and if I were to be you know PMC this is what my ideal loadout would be so first off let me start from the head and I’ll just go straight down don’t get it again now the head of wearing is a a tax proper boonie hat and from the helmet say Lancer tactical image 2001 front is the regular nvg mount onto the right a IR reversed American flag patch but some are Grillo’s got some build row on there so I can slap a TAC light on their own towards the back got some more velcro Mayday monsters – Monster Energy patch just toss that out there look really cool in my opinion I’ve got some – got to be lights I’m green really see them right now you can one cost it on second is a strobe effect turnoff and I just got a bungee knack is a tension lanyard or something of the sort until my left side of my helmet I rock the contour roam with a ops core element mount and about that I have my nickname nickname and airsoft is Irish and up top I just have a replica M s2000 don’t really need the real deal because real deal is pretty expensive and don’t want to be a whole load of money for that just to really breaking it out on the field and need that we’re a block black nylon balaclava my next rock the Jack Daniels bandanna that’s mechanics clothes can express as that PMC contractor loadout to look to it that it was real cool my mask I just wear a unknown brand half mask that I just modified to my jaw line and put a better strap on there so it’s more comfortably and the goggles they’re just a low pro airsoft set of goggles I just first purchased opt Amazon and my opinion they work pretty great now go on with the best the best is the Condor ml PC modular operator plate carrier up front I have the triple double double stacker and for mag pouches up here I just run three main caps and move it up to that I have a multi-purpose admin pouch condo our pocket dog house with the Motorola talk about a man towards the back and Condor ma p pack can’t burn the name of it exact you’re right huh but in there I just keep all the essential gear that I need and that PMC’s generally need so medic kids gadgets all those goodies I’ve owned for them down I have the condor battle bells or Rigger’s belt whatever you want to call it or towards the left I have a condor this little mag pouch that holds by a pistol mags what am I use your ACU’s 5 dong blowback zone even more to the left and the condor drop leg holster instead of room drop the closer up because being a PMC loadout does I carry a bunch of mags because you never know what kind of a position you’re ever going to get yourself into so got to have plenty of mags to get the job done go on a little more to the left I have my delta pouch if I Maxpedition I want to slide over at the mama right pretty nice pulls out drop my mags in it now I’m just going to turn this way to my right have the condor gadget pouch keep all my gadgets in that battery zo2 tools for my HK is p45 and for the pistol holster it used to be a drop leg holster but I modified it to fit my belt to where it fits more comfortably and I don’t have a whole bunch of my gear running down on my legs slowing me down and now like I said from a pistol pitching K USB 45 nominal back just painted it edit that pmc blow it out to it you passed just regulator up Kotex not really an airsoft knee pad more for skateboarding but I don’t mind that whatsoever because these things these knee pads are excellent I highly recommend them so what are you waiting for go get yourself some damn contacts for the boots running uh some bramma Sahara tan boots pretty comfortable without one more about a year ago and the outstandingly held up twelve this time now for the shirt I just picked the most hardcore and cooler shirt that I had and that was my suicide silence suicide sounds shirt the black crown just because of my favorite band and it just gives it that aggressive PMC look and for the pants it’s just some some dirty pair of jeans I mean it has that aggressive PMC look my opinion I’m rockin card code or the echo one Troy indicee industries MRFs feathers rifles probably about a year and a half out through a replica geotech on their 501 got a replica PEC 15 one of the smaller ones in black that’s Morrell covers angle for grip leave a 4 inch suppressor I have a regular high cap and some Magpul mag assists and everything else on the rifle is pretty much just stopped upgraded the internals a little bit but a different barrel in there you’re going to do a top or a jihad whatever whatever it’s called pretty soon just throw that in there to get some better accuracy and get my exam so this is my PMC contractor Nelson airsoft loadout again like I said earlier in the video this is not what the PMC guys actually brought this is just my impression of what they Rock I guess you can say I guess that if I were PMC this is what I’d Rock out there on the field so hope you enjoyed this video like comment subscribe comment if you have any questions like this video for more and subscribe for more videos I got plenty plenty of videos I got a live gameplay montages Vanguard slash VIP airsoft videos how-to is just a bunch of bunch of videos guys so hit that subscribe button and stick around so hope you guys enjoyed this video Irish out you


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