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PMC Airsoft Loadout

what’s up YouTube chaos here first time you’re seeing my face and first time I’ve really uploaded a video in a while um kind of gave up on the whole youtubing video game kind of scene it was fun for a little while but at the end of the day I spending a lot of time just applying a handful of matches and either battlefield or smite and then spending hours editing and uploading videos it was just more work than it was worth and kind of suck the fun out of playing video games so I basically put all that behind me stopped uploading videos for a while but in the meantime I did pick up a new hobby airsoft which leads leads into why I’m dressed like this this is my airsoft loadout I prefer the private military contractor look black shirt can’t chariot khaki pants of course the ball cap because you know what it always looks cool when you’re wearing a ball cap over a helmet so this is my private military contractor blow it out then aware every Saturday when I go play airsoft out of the local fuel here in Alabama but you’re probably wondering how did I go from video games to airsoft well I actually thought airsoft was really stupid sounded stupid you know you had a grown grown man / kids they’re out there playing with you know toy guns in someone’s backyard shooting each other up until I saw a video by jet desert fox actually a whole series of videos about operation Irene which is a milsim operation very different than what I thought airsoft would be very tactical very realistic I mean complete with explosions full squads basically you have battalion two different battalions fighting each other broken down into a platoons and squads and fire teams it was very tactical when very very cool and I thought I should try this out so I went on to local field off the essential gear which includes basic I pro these are just some simple yellow tinted pool sealed glasses protects your eyes from being shot with a BB picked these up basic ball cap I didn’t want this exact cap my first time but I was wearing a ball cap to protect my head and that’s also got lower face protection little mesh mask those of your face keeps your teeth from getting shot out which it my understanding is quite painful picked up my first villain as well this is the elite force m4 cqb it’s pretty nice gun about 170 bucks i believe is a lot paid for it added a little moxa pressure on the end just for some cool factor recently added some some rail covers to the side to make it a little bit more comfortable to hold but yeah this was this was the first gun that i purchased played with it a couple times and then i realized i need to upgrade not because the gun was inadequate but because i was AI wanted a higher quality gun so i had two of them one primary one backup but i was also planning on wanting to go to a big Milsom operation like an operation Irene so I went and I picked up this bad boy the elite force force DRS it’s a short-barreled rifle configuration battery goes in the crane stock which is also a collapsible stock you can see that right there collapsible stock I keep it set pretty much at this position slide the batteries in put the cover over it and you are good to go um it’s a very nice rifle pretty high quality pretty heavy pound on that say this is definitely pound for pound with the real world got an aim sport optic it is a full reticle to color optic got a little flip up protector so the lens doesn’t get shot out um also have an angled foregrip on there you can see that right there it’s a magpul angled grip and this is one of those things where something I picked up an airsoft transitioned into my real world gun I went from a vertical grip to an angled grip on my actual AR because I is so much more comfortable to hold and a lot just easier to aim down sights kind of quickly get your site on target and engage which you know that’s something you pick up in airsoft as well we got in a range just kind of shooting a handful of rounds you don’t really get a feel for a real world application of that you do an airsoft because you you need to quickly acquire the target and engage before he shoots you so that was another reason I kind of got into air shop but mainly it looked cool you know it was taxable is pretty much playing battlefield in the real world except you know you don’t die you just get shot with Phoebe and you go sit out for like 10 seconds and come back into the into the game so moving on this is my chest rig this is a Lancer tactical modular chest rig comes with an admin pouch on top comes with three double stack m4 mag pouches also comes with two side pouches that I used to keep things like multi-tools tape anything I might need one on the airsoft field got a standard black dump pouch nothing really special about that it’s got some drainage holes so if it’s raining it empties out on its own the pants 511 tactical pants have them held up with a riggers belt I don’t know the name brands are pretty much half the stuff that I’m wearing if it fits if it works I wear it I’m not big into a name brand stuff now my gesturing also comes with a hydration carrier you’ll notice that i had the man warning sculpt painted on it why because that’s how i roll and pretty much whatever i go to an airsoft field i don’t like to wear the get decked out in the BTUs and the heavy jacket it’s hot from Alabama if you did not know so i usually go with the plane the black t-shirt just to add to the whole private contractor look as far as my gloves are concern these are mechanics gloves that get the hard rubber knuckles they’ll protect my hands for getting shot to pieces because getting shot in the knuckle hurts I’ve been shot in this elbow it hit loan it really hurt definitely don’t want to do that again so this is a pretty much load out I where I wanted to put this video out there because you know there’s some videos about people’s private military contractor loadouts I don’t think they look nearly as cool as mine so decided that throw that out there I’ll try to link most of what i have in the description below also got a link jet desert foxes channel because you know it was watching his his airsoft videos that made me want to try and I’ve had a blast i’ve been playing since late july and as you can see I’ve gone from wearing basically nothing and carrying a single gun and stuff in my pockets with magazines to a full load out because I just have blast i probably spent over a thousand dollars in gear in the past month getting ready for airsoft and so spending money i plan on that right now and it’s kind of a tentative plan but plan on going to an American Millicent lop operation baited John haven’t bought my ticket yet I’m still kind of tentative about it because I don’t know if i can get off work if i can though I intend to go and have a blast yeah look for more YouTube videos from me on airsoft I’m hoping that they’ll take up a lot less time because for the most part i’ll just be recording videos and straight uploading them to youtube i might cut out a couple segments but the editing process will be a lot shorter than the buzz when i was doing YouTube videos about gaming yeah keep an eye out for my new direction of taking my channel more airsoft stuff let me know what you think like comment subscribe hey whatever you want to do in the comment section below I’d appreciate it and I’ll see you on the battlefield


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